Is This A Picture of A Seed Sent To Earth By Aliens?

I've just created this post in which we give our opinions about this potentially history-changing find.  Where was this seed supposedly found? Nobody has suggested anything as yet as to where this was even found. Now that is strange?

Updated March 8th 2024. Check the links that I've provided for the full inner secrets and information about the Extraterrestrial seed sent to Earth by Aliens.

This astonishing picture of an organism found in space has baffled scientists who think it is a seed sent to Earth by aliens.

Scientists discovered possible Alien seed sent to Earth made out of titanium.

The never-before-seen image shows a microscopic metal globe spewing out biological material feared to be an infectious agent. Though the origin or purpose of the mysterious sphere is uncertain, experts say it could contain genetic material - the precursor to life.


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They sensationally claim it could have been designed by an intelligent Alien species to seed and propagate alien life on Earth. It is the first time anything like this has been seen and points not only to the existence of extra-terrestrial life but to complex and civilized beings watching our planet.

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It follows findings that DNA capable of inserting itself into living creatures and replicating can exist in harsh space conditions. A tiny plasmid, a circular strand of DNA used in genetic engineering, was sent into space from Sweden in 2011 on the exterior of a TEXUS-49 rocket.

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After enduring 1,000C heat it was found to still be intact and with its biological properties when it returned to Earth. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham in England, said it is further proof of alien life. However the latest finding, by Professor Milton Wainwright and his team from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology, could reveal a much more sinister purpose.

Conjuring images as warned by H.G Wells in his 1898 novel War of the Worlds - could have been deliberately engineered and sent to Earth to infect the planet. Professor Wainwright said the structure is made from the metals titanium and vanadium with a gooey biological liquid oozing from its center. He said there are several theories as to where it came from, the first being it is a complete microorganism programmed to propagate alien life on Earth. It is a ball about the width of a human hair, which has filamentous life on the outside and a gooey biological material oozing from its center, he said.

Alien metal seed oozing material potentially terraforming planets.

We were stunned when X-ray analysis showed that the sphere is made up mainly of titanium, with a trace of vanadium. One theory is it was sent to Earth by some unknown civilization to continue seeding the planet with life. This seeming piece of science fiction, called directed panspermia would probably not be taken seriously by any scientist were it not for the fact that it was very seriously suggested by the Nobel Prize winner of DNA fame, Sir Francis Crick. Unless of course, we can find details of the civilization that is supposed to have sent it in this respect it is probably an unprovable theory.

The University of Buckingham - Scientists Discover Mysterious Seed

Professor Milton Wainwright and his team have found a microscopic metal globe in dust and particulate matter collected from the stratosphere. - Express

Professor Wainwright and his team found the object in dust and particulate matter collected from the stratosphere. He sent balloons 27km into the sky to collect debris from space and isolated several particles he claims are proof of life in space. It comes as the mysterious ghost particle, also found by Professor Wainwright was revealed and follows the revelation last year of the astonishing Dragon Particle the first of its kind to point towards proof of life in space.

Professor Wainwright said the curious orb landed on the sampler balloon it left a tiny impact crater proving it could not have gently fallen from close by. He said: On hitting the stratosphere sampler the sphere made an impact crater, a minute version of the huge impact crater on Earth caused by the asteroid said to have killed off the dinosaurs. This impact crater proves that the sphere was incoming to Earth from space, an organism coming from Earth would not be traveling fast enough when it fell back to Earth to cause such damage.

This seems never before to have been found on Earth. He said one theory is the object was released deliberately to infect the human race with life-threatening diseases, another is that it traveled millions of miles on a comet.

He said:

For the moment, we are content to say that the life-containing titanium sphere came from space, possibly from a comet. NASA is currently sending a balloon into the stratosphere to look for life. Hopefully, they will get the same results as we have, whether or not they acknowledge what the team has found, or claim the discovery for themselves remains to be seen.

The findings come as scientists in the UK and Japan launch the ISPA (Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics) which seeks to prove life on Earth originated from Space. Professor Wickramasinghe, director for research at the institute has long-maintained biological material including bacteria and viruses are constantly raining down from the skies.

He said:

Mainstream science and institutions have fought against theories that expound these beliefs but now evidence from meteorites, from samples of bacteria from space, and space observation is making resistance more difficult.

Proving that the Earth is in a constant exchange of matter with the larger cosmos would have implications not only in terms of our identity but could also give us insight into alien viruses which may be important for our group identity, evolution, and survival itself.


A microscopic metal globe found in space with biological material has baffled scientists and the public even more so. The scientists at the time believed that it could be an extraterrestrial seed sent to Earth by aliens. The origin of the sphere is uncertain, but experts suggest it contains genetic material. Researchers believe this could be evidence of alien life and a deliberate attempt to seed Earth with possible life-threatening diseases. The findings raised questions about the potential exchange of matter between Earth and the cosmos, challenging mainstream scientific beliefs.

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