International Space Station Has An Unscheduled Visitor

I think NASA HQ controllers forgot that the microphone was on and record because every single word being said by not only them but by the astronauts themselves also was recorded for history. This is a video that should be in the trophy cabinets of all conspiracy theorists. It is the trophy video of truth without any doubt in my own mind!

Does this look like space debris to you?

It looks nothing like ejected space debris to me, what about you guys? UFO enthusiasts spotted a suspicious drifting object during an STS 115 shuttle launch carrying vital cargo from Earth to the International Space Station, the usual reason offered for this anomaly encounter of the third kind by the usual liars at NASA is that it is space debris. One such occasion was the STS-115 mission in August 2006 – known as The Triangle Incident. As the space shuttle Atlantis set off on its journey into the Earth’s orbit, a set of lights in a distinct triangular shape appeared to follow them.

The craft if that is what it was came into view, just before the 30-second mark of the launch. Although NASA would dismiss the sighting, the commander of the Atlantis, Brent Jett would state that it was unlike anything he had seen on previous space missions.

Critics of NASA’s explanation would state the object remained remarkably close to being debris. They would also point to the timing of the object, which appeared very late in the launch for debris. The video below shows that particular footage.

If you ask me, the entire video is proof of Aliens, proof of intelligent life in the cosmos, and other theories are thrown right out the bloody window. I'm sick to death of hearing NASA give out stupid and very strange if not frustrating excuse after another excuse? They must think that collectively we're all bottom dwellers. Well, I tell you now, we are not bottom dwellers with insignificant intelligence so why they keep on insulting us with silly and strange excuses is insulting to the highest degree!

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I for one have common sense and I don't like being told white is blue and pink is yellow. It is always going to keep on getting people to turn away from a once respected institution and not go back to the once beloved household name for all the personal reasons which people are seeing for themselves now.


NASA to Release, Discuss Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Report

UAP disclosure played a massive part of bringing up long lost trust and patched the differences well but recently in March 2024 the Pentagon has undermined the work done by countless non profit organisations and even the Air Force and the Department of Defense (DoD). Releasing the multiple UAP videos was a brave decision and going one step further than that we know that someone or something must have created these things.

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I don't think people would want to associate their name with a disgraced place like NASA because I for one think that the excuses they give out impact their credibility and their trust. If they keep lying about obvious UFO encounters and real tangible evidence (like Roswell debris from the Roswell UFO crash site) then what else are they going to lie about? Pretty much anything is what I think.

There could be an Alien on board this UFO giving mankind a moon and showing us all its backside.

I mean, who knows if they have a sense of humour or not? I'm sure to travel vast distances they would need to humor themselves, right?

Are NASA trustworthy?

My answer is fast and very simple, NO! But I'll let you judge them for yourself because you should have as much information as possible I'll link you to the relevant information websites including NASA and NASA oversight authorities.

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