Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

It is very clear that a cigar-shaped object dived into the active volcano and this object was not a small one but a relatively large one as can be seen in the footage. Sceptics may argue that this was some stone or ash coming out of the volcano is totally unfounded as it can be clearly seen that this object is diving into the volcano. This is not the first time that UFOs were observed near active volcanoes, there are other instances where UFOs of different shapes were seen hovering around the volcanoes. What would this mean?

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

This means that these advanced space crafts use heat energy to recharge their crafts. Since these UFOs are made of an advanced material it can absorb the heat of the molten lava without any damage to their craft. This is a very advanced technology they are using and it has been observed by the Hubble telescope a ginormous triangular shaped UFO coming out from the sun's plasma and in one picture/video it is very clear that this UFO which was near the surface of the sun sucking up a stream of plasma from the sun.

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

This is a fantastic example of an advanced technology which is beyond us at the moment. With this technology space travel will be much easier as no artificial fuel will be required and the space craft can dip into the heat of erupting volcanoes of the planets. No doubt we see these UFOs are present near a heat source like volcanoes here on earth.

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