3 Photos Taken of a UFO during Michigan Plane Flight

UFO seen from a plane!
It was Sunday, 19 of August, 2012. I decided to take my aunt and her husband to do a cross country on the Cherokee Archer II, from Oakland County International Airport, MI to Huron County Memorial Airport, also in Michigan. The duration of the flight is around 2 hours or so.

My aunt who is in the back of the plane shot a picture during the run-up and says: "I think I just shot a picture of an UFO." Her husband and I look to each other and I said I would take a look at it later at home. I was paying attention in doing the run-up and flying the plane. During the whole flight she took pictures, and when I got home I went to look at the pictures. We end up with 3 pictures of the object. As soon as I saw it, I said to myself, "It is a UFO; it was cylinder in shape and followed us through the whole flight.
Airplane encounters a UFO while in the process of taking off and it follows them.

Above you can see it's there when the plane is taking off and then it's seen later on by the same people again, this is a very strange and baffling case if ever there was one?

So why would a UFO be following a civilian airplane? Is it friend or foe?

So why is the UFO seemingly following the airplane? Is it following the airplane or the people on the airplane?

A scary encounter with a real UFO while flying on an airplane.

Whichever it is, this is one creepy and frightening UFO encounter because seeing this thing while your in the air must give you a really bad feeling of impending doom? It's baffling aright!

Three Photographs Taken of UFO during Michigan Plane Flight
Published: 1:23 PM 3/14/2013
Waterford, Michigan - 08-19-12

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