Full Skeleton Found On Mars

So here we are again, another skeleton found on Mars?

Guy's this is getting ridiculous and I don't usually say that, well how could I we don't ever get an abundance of this kind of stuff to be able to say that? But, with the amount of literally hundreds of examples of weird and very anomalous finds from the Mars Rover - how can one keep quiet and not say a thing?

This is probably just going to get swept under the proverbial rug again and just like it's siblings (lol) it won't get any media attention from any of the big media corporations because it doesn't align with their "masters" views (for that week)? We all know their Puppet Masters views and that is to deny everything or stay as quiet as possible and if push comes to shove, mock and ridicule is their best defence! But it's always what the Government wants?

It must grate on the common senses (of journalists) or if they have any? It would grate on me but then again I wouldn't be in that situation because I wouldn't work for another man's view point's and the spreading of their lies, mockery and cover ups! Would you knowingly sit on a valid story of intrigue and of such historic importance? Well they do it every week when their masters issue the following weeks stories already pre-prepared! Gosh that must be awful, working on a prepackaged story? Story, answers and lies to back it up?

Mars has NEVER failed to deliver! I challenge you to go to NASA's archives of Mars images and just zoom in on a few and I bet you will find something that makes you either frown or say out loud "now that's strange?" Or, you'll simply not say a thing, forget what you've seen and that my friend is due to your full schooling "programming". If you went to school and did every year, left whe you should etc then i'm sorry to have to tell you this, but the vast majority of conspiracies your just not going to get or grasp and you will not do anything about them because your programmed to do that. It's called the carefully crafted "programming" National Curriculum.

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