Why Did We Go To The Moon?

This is a video I did about UFOs on thec Moon and how deliberate they all seem to capture an Astronaut doing nothing in the video like he knows he can't be seen pointing to it? But yeah, this is a definate examples of real UFOs on the Moon and the Astronauts knew all along, I mean WHY DID THEY GO TO THE MOON? Because it was hard, and to do the other things... like JFK said? It goes way, way deeper than that my friends?
Guys here's the video I did about the post I did on UFOs, I know it's a Russian doll kind of effect? One's inside another etc. Lol. But still, it gives another dimension and allows you to hear what I am actually talking about while doing these posts which is cool? It's the video of UFOs on the Moon and I hope you enjoy it, thanks?