Emerald Tablets Mystery?

The emerald tablet and the mystery of the emerald tablet.

Guys, keep up with me for a second please. Here is where I ask you a quick question? This is the Emerald Tablet, right. There's so many different answers about this one that my head's still spinning?

Is it Chinese, is it Egyptian, is it Atlantian or Syrian and was there an old man holding it in one hand, and yes the confusion is blinding? It is said to be from a Pyramid, from a Chinese underground chamber and obviously Atlantis? Is it 38,000 years old or 1,500 years old?
It is so good looking that maybe this is what makes this stand out and why people naturally gravitate to it, but all the nonsense that goes with it makes me think we'll never know the truth unless you know what the real answer is please share it with us? Because there can only be one correct answer and the rest is well, nonsense it makes sense that someone knows what it is?

Is it the emerald tablet of Hermes?

I found one amazing quote about this:

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, one of the earliest magical documents, begins with the affirmation: All things are from One. The very heart of magical philosophy and practice is this doctrine of the essential unity of all things.

Now that speaks to me, but doesn't make it correct and what with all the many, many examples of what the truth is, from ancient Greece to religion and yes it continues? It seem's everyone and his dog is associated with these emerald tablets. What's the truth please?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please share your answers with us. There's always an answer to everything so there's got to be a good answer for this out there somewhere?

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