Real Reptile Caught On TV Hissing Like A Snake (Video)

How blooming strange is that? What is this behaviour? There really is Reptilian type people out there. This is not human behaviour at all.

Guys, this is freaky TV for anyone watching this when it was live?

Can you imagine sat there just watching the highlights of the news and then this guy goes in to full meltdown and throws all his Reptilian training out of the window! 

The elites, half breed's and top powerful partial breed's who are part Reptile and part human have to have training to keep their aggressive and offensive "natural behaviour" in check because they naturally want to tear open a few pieces of flesh just to show their real intentions and real aggressive behaviour!

It could be that their downfall was because of this behaviour and so they had to interbreed with less aggressive species like the humans?

It makes common sense to me? 

I mean, don't take my word for it, just watch this very short video and guess for yourself?

The video comes from ADG UK and can be found here on ADGUK News Youtube channel here.


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