Villagers Are Worshipping A Mutant Pig With 2 Heads, 8 Legs, 3 Ears In Thailand

An actual mutant pig born with 8 legs and 3 ears plus 2 heads is being worshipped by villagers in Thailand for good luck but that's only based on superstitions and other personal beliefs? Basically this is weird and it is not going to give anyone anything such as good luck or good fortunes! that is not this piglets mission, it's mission is to highlight the epic contamination in the soil and the pesticides and herbicides, fertilisers being dumped in to the soil! The villagers are probably not even aware of the plight going on in the real world? But using these terrible and harmful chemicals will only see an increase in birth defects but not only in their precious animals but in their own children and their children? In this instance, education is probably a little to late as we already can see the effects of using these chemicals.
Mutated pig in Thailand.
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Villages are worshiping this mutant baby pig - with two heads, three ears and eight legs. It's been seen as lucky and can bring good fortune.

Thailand mutant pig is good luck apparently.
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Thai villagers have been worshipping a mutant baby pig born with two heads, three ears and eight legs - because they think it will help them win the lottery.

The piglet was the thirteenth in a litter born on a farm in the rural Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand on April 27. Locals believe the eight-legged still-born animal was sent to bring them good luck and fortune, and are flocking to worship the creature at the owner’s house where its corpse has been pickled in a jar. Residents were pictured sitting cross-legged before the dead pig and praying while choosing their lottery numbers based on its features. Owner Kanchana Supanich, 46, said 13 had been the most popular number - as the piglet, which was nicknamed Fat, was the 13th to be born to its mother.

Is this Thai pig with 8 legs good luck or not.
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The number 28 had also been a hit, because of the piglet’s two heads and eight legs - while 38 had also proved popular because of the animal’s three ears and eight legs. Ms Supanich said: “The pig is lucky, I have never seen any animal born like this. It has eight legs, three ears and two heads. “It is a male pig, but was not breathing when he was born. People are using the numbers to gamble. I'm sure he will bring the village good fortune.” This is not the first time an eight-legged pig has been sighted.

In March, a Chilean farmer was shocked when his sow gave birth to a real-life spider pig with eight trotters and another piglet with two mouths. The deformed piglet was born in the village of El Galpon, in the northwest Argentine province of Salta. Owner Santiago Valdez described his astonishment at witnessing the birth of the eight-legged pig which has been christened "spider-pig," referring to the character of the Simpsons movie. It sadly died shortly after birth.

Another animal born with defects due to possible chemicals in the soil.

Mr Valdez said: "I have no idea why it happened. I was surprised that nobody has asked for it to carry out investigations. "But nobody asked for it, so I just threw it away.” He added he had not noticed any abnormality in the sow that was giving birth, although she had begun to produce less piglets. Animal rights activists believe it is due to industrial chemicals that the farmers are said to have used on their land or possibly the side-effect of intensive farming techniques.

There is many, many examples of locals and villagers actually believing that these unusual looking animals are a sign of good luck when in reality it is everything in the opposite direction which is so, so upsetting. It's like a spectrum of luck and bad luck. The villagers are thinking the animals are good luck but in reality they're actually right in the bad luck spectrum because they have none to very little education with regards to the chemicals in their soil, in their food in their water and in their vegetation around them all because they're under pressure to grow more and more food.

Some villagers actually see the fertilisers and pesticides plus herbicides as a good luck symbol because they can now grow food in conditions never before thinkable? It means they can now eat more, sell more and live in relatively more comfortable conditions and why shouldn't they live in comfort? It's something a lot of people take for granted? All these amazing people want is a life with options available to them like education, food security, income, clothing etc.

Guys it's the chemicals which need to change, not the people. We can't ask the Thai villagers to stop using chemicals because when you do, it has many and far more reaching implications like the stuff you take for granted! And that's not fair one bit.

But what we can do is ask the chemical makers, the makers of doom in the guise of production growth to make the products they create safer, less poisonous, less toxic, less environmentally unfriendly and more bio-friendly. I'm sure there's a better way than killing the people who actually grow food just to live? I'm sure there's a better way than of feeding plants other than poisoning the very ground in which in turn it feed's the pigs and produces mutated animals?

Pipe dreams are pipe dreams, but faced with reality it becomes a must. It becomes a push for survival because guess whose next? Guess who's next in line for having mutated children? It's human beings. We at the end of the day are eating these animals which are toxic, which are poisonous and of which in turn create all types of illnesses and very real defects in new born babies. Just look towards India for defects in children born to poor villagers, it is a catastrophe but one of which that's set to explode because the world starts to eat the very same meats and food's the very same as these villagers are eating?

I was going to show defects in villagers but I'm not going to. It's so sad, why the hell are these corporations churning out this stuff like they have no feelings? Is that what it boils down to? A faceless and feelings-less corporation that just wants money over what is the right thing to do?