Villagers Are Worshipping A Mutant Pig

Villages are worshipping this mutant baby pig - with two heads, three ears, and eight legs. It's been seen as lucky and can bring good fortune.

Thailand mutant pig is good luck apparently.

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This story was first published on, of which the full story can be found on Express.


Thai villagers have been worshipping a mutant baby pig born with two heads, three ears, and eight legs - because they think it will help them win the lottery.

The piglet was the thirteenth in a litter born on a farm in the rural Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand on April 27. Locals believe the eight-legged still-born animal was sent to bring them good luck and fortune and are flocking to worship the creature at the owner’s house where its corpse has been pickled in a jar. Residents were pictured sitting cross-legged before the dead pig and praying while choosing their lottery numbers based on their features. Owner Kanchana Supanich, 46, said 13 had been the most popular number - as the piglet, which was nicknamed Fat, was the 13th to be born to its mother.

The number 28 had also been a hit because of the piglet’s two heads and eight legs - while 38 had also proved popular because of the animal’s three ears and eight legs. Ms. Supanich said: “The pig is lucky, I have never seen any animal born like this. It has eight legs, three ears, and two heads. “It is a male pig, but was not breathing when he was born. People are using the numbers to gamble. I'm sure he will bring the village good fortune.” This is not the first time an eight-legged pig has been sighted.

Credit: Express.

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