NASA Using Green Screens And Blue Screens

Fake images from space by NASA.

I post a lot because I'm always researching and a big time fan of ancient history (but the anomalies mostly). The contradicting, straight up not true timelines. I believe I have the knack of seeing contradictions as it's just a case of remembering one thing related to another? I try to keep the conversation alive in my groups and pages because we deserve the truth.

Have you seen the videos on YouTube showing the astronauts wearing harnesses which font show up on the screen but you can see them grabbing them? Or the astronaut disappear even before he had gone round a corner, lol? NASA anomalies are as good now as the day that they was discovered! Remember that.

The ever expanding members and followers means these ancient history anomalies are always fresh. You see when two things don't match up say, one thing States mankind was not around when the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth an alarm goes off in my head, not literally lol. There's evidence, solid tangible evidence that said they coexisted together.

So I just do what anyone would do I double back and marry them up. History has a ton of contradictions and when I double check the answers to the questions, that's when they just start to announce themselves and who do I turn to? Who do I corroborate the results with...

Nobody, that's who.

NASA having a blue screen viewed in public or having a blooper day.

Here's the awesome video showing you just how artists got in on the show.

Here's a really good anomaly from the Lunar surface.

I remember my first ever "alarm bells ringing" was when I saw the same backgrounds on some NASA Moon images. NASA was trying to do a Moon shoot but on the cheap and I caught them out big time. All they did was literally change the foregrounds and even kept the very same rocks in the background! Now that's sloppy, that's lazy and that's why they got caught red handed with their underpants down!

I'll show you the backgrounds which are all the same in this one image:

Image comparisons of Moon background anomalies.

Because that's all NASA is, model makers, set designers and costume designers apparently. The science department at NASA HQ is in reality a country farm.

There's always a doubt in my mind if what I'm seeing in official NASA videos and images (even the articles they do) if it's real or CGI or completely made up? 

The space engineers are now all sat making models of the International Space Station. They have got some space stuff but that only goes as far as a green screen, lol. The images here are courtesy of Deposit Photos.

Fake images from space by NASA hoaxing images with models.

Fake images from space by NASA using graphics.

I don't know how to break it to you but yeah, it's not just me exposing this stuff. I mean even I got to know this stuff from someone else and he was taught it etc etc. It's exposing this way of doing business at NASA that is catching people's attention. It's very sad!

I don't need to go on any further as you can just type this in to Google and you'll be inundated with tons of evidence and real tangible proof of faked spacewalks and faked/hoaxed landscape shots of the Moon? But in reality, it's a set design. Created, planned and it's sloppy AT BEST!


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Source Feed Your Mind YouTube.
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