Fossilised Machine Found In Russia Dated At 400 Million Years Old

Apparently it's real folks? But like someone else pointed out, metal rusts doesn't it? But, if it is Alien metal then it might not rust at all so how accurate is the dating process on unknown materials? 

It might still have it's shape and what not because it's of Alien origins from off this world?

Apparently it was found in a swamp and it was unearthed in Russia and also no archaeologists can be found relating to this so what do you think? Just because no one can be found relating to this doesn't make it unreal?

Take in to account that this machine is 400 million years old, it answers questions to why we are here? It answers the question to how the human genes have been here since the beginning. It answers the question to intelligence. That's how it works, answers to questions which fit. Which fit the surrounding questions also. No scientists have debunked it with clear cut science, if anything it's being verified.

Lot's of things go missing from archaeological dig sites all over the world and turn up in funny places indeed!