NASA Now Has A New Website So You Can Virtually Visit Exoplanets As A Space Tourist

Brand new technology has allowed the guy's at NASA to bring directly to us the ability to become Space travelers (virtually) but to the newly found Exoplanets beyond our Solar System.

This new software allows us to travel virtually to Exoplanets such as Trappst-1e, Kepler-16b, Kepler-186f, PS0 J318.5-22, HD 40307g (the super Earth). The first one being 51 Pegasi-b.

Now I'm no nerd (ha, lol) but you must visit this brand new website? I bet you've never even heard of this it's that new? It look's absolutely stunning. NASA has gone all out and have come away from the dreary, government looking website design and has given the Exoplanet website a really good overhaul? It feels like a Chip Foose overhaul?

The "posters" that accompany each new Exoplanet is put together really well. It feel's like i'm reading a poster for the movie theater instead of looking at a poster for a new Exoplanet? Maybe that's their intention?

Travel beyond our solar system.

Here's the new posters that NASA has released along with their really well thought out website called:

"Exoplanet Travel Bureau Take a trip outside our solar system - Explore The Galaxy"

TRAPPIST-1e image.

PSO J318.5-22 image.

51 Pegasi b image.

HD 40307 g image.

Kepler-16b image.

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