Reporter Caught Shape-Shifting Eyes Live On Air

I don't choose conspiracy theories, they choose me!

Reporter Caught Shape-Shifting Eyes Live On Air.

Shape shifter on TV.


Reptilian news Anchor woman has been caught shape-shifting live on air? This is the result of diligent and avid conspiracy theory news watchers because you had to be up "really early" in the morning with coffee to catch this happening? I'm stunned as you can see by my reaction in the video? Reptilian, Alien and Shape-shifting is being seen by more and more people and getting noticed more and more!


They just sometimes lose the ability to control their human like appearance and maintaining the human eye shape is what seems to be the hardest thing for them to master? Again, it could be the lighting but we have never seen this happen just by studio lights? There's so many news anchors with bright lights in their eyes every single day and this doesn't happen to them does it? Absolutely not!

Guy's I cater to everyone's conspiracies because I can't just pick and choose the ones I like? I have to go where the conspiracy theory is. I mean if that was the case then I wouldn't be doing any posts because I hate all conspiracies! I wish everyone was telling the truth, I wish Aliens would stop making stupid UFOs just to play cat and mouse and I wish NASA would stop fricking lying about anything we don't see eye to eye on?

I mean just look at these freaks below? Their eyes are weird, the skin is crazy and I don't even know know what to say about the Secret Service Agent that forgot to stop changing in public, I suppose he didn't get the memo?

Woman below forgets about her eyes and they revert back to the animal slit's like a Cat has?

Shape shifting Reptilians changing in public.

Secret Service Agent changing in public!

Secret Service Agent Shape shifting Reptilians changing in public.

Reptilian shape shifter's can alter their DNA and can change its shape anytime it wants to?

Reptilian shape shifters have totally different DNA that allows them to change cells in their entire body.


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  1. It´s Oddo wearing a blonde wig.

  2. Simple: what you see on the picture is two half frames of interlaced video, stupid.

  3. The lady in the first picture was snapped as she blinked. Her eye shadow on her actual eyelids was shiny and with the lights on her it looked her eyes were changing. I myself wear eyeshadow like her and it does have that effect.
    Not sure about the other one though. Very strange.

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