Is The Lost City Of Atlantis In Antarctica Under The Ice

Is The Lost City Of Atlantis In Antarctica Under The Ice

Is there a lost city underneath Antarctica and if it's true then what if it's Atlantis?

It's been speculated a lot recently by nearly every conspiracy theorist that something major has been found or discovered down there.

That speculation is based on a mix of new and old information like for instance the old Admiral Piri Reis Map from 1513 showing something it shouldn't yet. Image of the map is below.

Underground city in Antarctica could be that of The Lost City of Atlantis.

It's based on some of NASA's gathered information from the operation Ice Bridge which the largest airborne survey in 3D of its type, that led to alsorts of rumors and myths plus legends.

It's also mixed in with ancient reports and actual maps of places that shouldn't be known for at least a few centuries later? 

There's lot's of evidence to sort through.

Has NASA been hiding "new information" and if so why?

Who ordered it secret and who has kept it hidden because something this large has got to involve more than one person?

I found some online resources that have given us a really strange view of just what could be down there?

Antarctica has literally woken up not only scientists in terms of new scientific data being collected and analyzed but some of it is new to science altogether!

I found some amazing resources online and here's a bit of it that has me "very interested".

Conspiracy theorists claim that photos taken by NASA's Operation IceBridge mission show what could possibly be proof of an ancient human settlement frozen beneath layers of ice in Antarctica. Could this be Atlantis?

Pyramids In Antarctica.

Pyramids have been found in Antarctica.

There's evidence showing Pyramids spaced out in the "typical way" that we all have seen in Egypt and around the world. They look like the stars.

There's even Pyramids on Mars that align in the same way discovered by Aidar Alzhanov. The coordinates on google Mars are as follows. 6°49'51.34"s 75°39'25.83"w.

Then there's the rumours of a hidden city that have been floating about for years, as conspiracy theorists and even some scientists claim the freezing continent is actually the home of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

One scientific theory claims that once upon a time Antarctica was ice-free and home to an ancient civilisation.

The lost City Of Atlantis map.

The theory, called crustal displacement, alleges that movements in the Earth's crust meant that large parts of Antarctica were ice-free 12,000 years ago and people could have lived there.

Allegedly, a society could have existed 'prehistory', coming to an end with the last Ice Age which froze over the continent.

And this could have been Atlantis, a mythical city founded by people who were half god and half human which was first mentioned by Greek philosopher Plato in 360BC.

An artists impression of the supposed doorway under the ice in Antarctica.

Speculation over the location of the legendary long-lost city is rife, with others believing it to have been near the Greek island of Santorini.

Antarctica's secret city was apparently '"confirmed" by an ancient map called the Piri Reis map, compiled in 1513 from military intelligence.

It appears to show the Antarctic coast hundreds of years before it was discovered, but was denounced by many scholars at the time.

However, earlier this year photos from NASA appeared to reveal traces of a human settlement underneath the ice. The full story is here in The Sun online.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there could be an ancient city hidden underneath the ice of Antarctica?

If there is a city under the ice would that make it Atlantis or not.

The pictures, taken using remote sensing photography for NASA's Operation IceBridge mission to Antarctica, show what online sleuths believe could be a city.

Google Earth images also appeared to show a pyramid poking out of the tundra, with enthusiasts claiming that it is proof humanity once lived in the area and built a man-made structure.

The fascinating discovery comes just weeks after scientists revealed the Earth could be heading for another mini ice age caused by the Sun "going blank".

Operation Icebridge images showing ruins of ancient Antarctica city.

Leading archeologist, Ashoka Tripathi, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calcutta believes the images show clear evidence of an ancient human settlement beneath the ice sheet.

Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged (i'm not showing the video). It appeared to show extensive ancient ruins hidden in the ice, and was a video supposedly 'left behind' by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Archaeologist Jonathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a "massive archaeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice".

But that's not the wildest claim - with several online websites claiming that there is a city in Antarctica and HITLER knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base. The wild claims state that the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there.

But all that is a post for another day as today is about Atlantis.

The Piri Reis Map.


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  1. The Piri Reis map is also unusual in that it employs a totally local projection not present in modern maps

  2. John Kerry, an others visited antarctica, he witnessed a abandoned city, there were full paracas skulls corpses, the bloke in the robes, was there,for religious purposess upon these poor souls, I wonder if he knew they had been there since the
    pre-admite period 45/50k yrs,No doubt he knew, final rights 50k yrs later, amazing...

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