The Gulf Breeze UFO Encounter 👽 Still Divides Everyone That Remembers It 👽

This startling UFO image is believed by some to be proof of aliens visiting Earth. What's going on here with this now very infamous UFO "proof" image? At one stage this was heralded as the saviour of Ufology (especially in the US most notably in Gulf Breeze, Florida) and Alien activity was rest assured by this so-called evidence and the go to image for all UFO believers! So read on and see what happened to this UFO encounter all them years ago?

Is the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings a fake or a real UFO encounter.

I don't know what to believe about this as it's a murky story at best? What do you think about this? I think you need to either of been there or if there was a there to begin with or someone needs a polygraph lie detector once and for all?

But after a quick and probably unwanted search of the eye witnesses home after a new owner had moved in and found what is a very suspicious looking package wrapped up in a towel and is it a coincidence that it appears to be an exact replica of the UFO as seen in the once again so-called UFO images of the Gulf Breeze?

UFO attributed to being faked by Ed Walters.

Ed Walters first photo.

It's obvious that something very unusual and crushing was discovered at the former home of the chief eyewitness Mr Walters? It was a Flying Saucer in the form of a foam and plastic body with foam pie plates and cardboard. It was held together with tinted plastic gel. Go on what do you think that was doing in his former loft or attic as it's called in the UK? It was stashed there.

Its was hidden and because he (Mr Ed Walters) maybe thought that if he just threw it away that it might be found in his trash? He kept it close and kept it "safe" away from the investigators that was going to inevitably come and he was right about that because they still are investigating it! What do I think about that? Well, UFO Sightings Footage thinks that the fact that this was discovered in his former home is compelling evidence for this being fake! That's based on a number of things.

1. It look's of the decade which is a major red flag because these Aliens do not abide by humans culture and fashion sense. It look's like it's from the 1980's. It look's has a sense of human science fiction about about it.

2. It has since come out that there was a Flying Saucer model made.

3. There's people who have come forward and have said that they knew of the hoax.

4. The eye witness Mr Walters has benefited financially from this "UFO encounter" and that for me is a MAJOR RED FLAG! It might not be for some, but writing a book about the encounter is for me financially benefiting from the UFO encounter therefore Mr Walters has everything to gain by submitting the UFO images.

This is the clinching red flag for me and my own personal opinion only.

5. There was a massive wave of UFO sightings in the area according to MUFON in the time of this UFO footage (1987) which makes me think that an opportunity was had, an opportunity to gain from this was seen and the "perfect opportunity arose" and I believe it was a prank opportunity UFO hoax but later money was gained by writing a book? My answer to this prank hoax was "everyone was seeing stuff" so it must be real or there's a probability of it being a part of the mass sightings everyone in that area was seeing?

Guys, I'm sorry but I just don't trust them awful UFO images. It look's very fake. It look's very, very B movie rubbish although there's many good B movies the majority of them are tripe.

Here's a bit of research that I did and found this on the newspapers website called Express Online:

It was released by building contractor Ed Walters along with others of what looked like circular UFOs over Gulf Breeze, Florida. Mr Walters claimed he snapped the pictures from his back garden before handing them to local media in the area Pensacola News Journal reports.

It sparked a year-long skywatching campaign for further evidence by excited locals and visitors alike, in what became known as the "Gulf Breeze Sightings". More than 30 years on the subject still sparks debate about whether they were real or hoaxed. Mr Walters claimed to take the pictures on November 11, 1987. George Williams is state section director of the Florida Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a national organisation which records and investigates UFO sightings.

Ed Walters poses in July 1990 with photos he shot of UFOs in Gulf Breeze. The Gulf Breeze building contractor claims to have photographed UFOs on various occasions during the fall and winter of 1987. News Journal file photo.

He said: "I really don't have a good opinion on whether they're faked or not. There was so much controversy about it and MUFON went back and forth about it for years.” He said the area had had a lot of sightings though. He added: "We still get reports of interesting stuff in the area. "And in 1987, you had hundreds of people besides Walters reporting sightings. It's always been an interesting area." Many are convinced they were hoaxed. After Mr Walters moved home in 1990, the new owner claimed to find a model of a "flying saucer," made of foam pie plates, cardboard, paper and tinted plastic gel, wrapped up in the loft.

I'm going to leave you with this story to make your own mind up? You have the story, the evidence and my own opinions? It's up to you if you believe this information that it's true or false? I'll give you both of the links of where USF sourced the information from:

Express Online

Pensacola News Journal

Actually after finding a realllly good and very researched post I think you need to go and read this guys post? It's from the Iron Skeptic and his actual process of looking at this story is cool. He's honest about his views which is a breath of fresh air if you ask me.

The Iron Skeptic


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