Has Everything Changed - The Words To Queen Song Disappeared

Is the Mandela Effect real, Watch these celebrities get freaked out by the words that they know by heart just disappear right in front of them.


This is a really weird world we are now living in after 2012 when CERN did the "man-made Big Bang experiment" in layman's terms and created a reality inside a reality. Well, ever since they created this man-made reality in their laboratory they've messed everything up apparently and some point to the Mandela Effect as proof of this shift in our timeline. They call it the continuum. This is crazy and mind-blowing also it's hard to grasp at certain times.

I call it messed up big time which is the easiest way to put it and they've forced us into this new reality which is human-made, man-made but trying to keep to what happened in our past as to what's already transpired, the tracks don't always meet up correctly. They can manipulate this reality because it's man-made and if they can create or recreate a big bang in the laboratory, do not fool yourself into believing that they aren't capable of making changes to our timeline.

They've created another timeline just to look at the early stages and it's almost certainly either still running somewhere or it's run through its simulation and it's come to an end but no matter how you look at it they recreated another "everything." These scientists, these engineers did recreate a big bang in a controlled environment using lead-ion particles smashed together at nearly the speed of light and even if you just take a small part of its existence to analyse you must still first create a separate reality in its entirety to gain a good understanding of this reality otherwise it's all wrong because it's not true to what we would call the early stages of development of reality itself.

Welcome to the Mandela Effect because it is real heres the proof.

They can do (have done) magic things, weird and strange things like playing God. Abracadabra here's another reality and with my left hand, you'll notice I can produce a coin from behind your ear. Who knows, they might be God. They're sure as heck playing God that's for sure without a doubt.

The people at CERN in Geneva who do all these strange experiments are trying to get a look at the early stages just after the creation of reality. They've recreated things like the Big Bang that they shouldn't have done and now we may pay the price for that very big mistake. Have they messed everything up and are the timelines struggling to keep up and is it going to get worse?

  • Is it by design?
  • Is it a way of taking over a world?
  • Turn the world into your world?

Have they curved space, and time and made the distance shorter between two points or two timelines? Are we on an eventual course to line up with this other timeline which we know was created in 2012?

I could be wrong, but if anything it allows us to know that this did happen and it's open to interpretation as the official stance is way too short, too easy to understand. Again, if you think it's impossible, just look to experiments like the recreation of the Big Bang to know that anything at all is possible. It makes sense to me and I can only put so much into words.

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