World Has Changed Again - The Words To Queen Song Have Disappeared

Here's the proof you've been waiting for. The Mandela Effect is real, watch these celebrities get freaked out by the words they know by heart just disappear right in front of them.

This is a really weird world we are now living in after 2012 when CERN did the "man made "big bang experiment and created a reality (because we came from a big bang therefore they just created a reality in the lab) well, ever since they created this man made reality in their laboratory they've messed everything up. They call it the continuum.

This is crazy and mind blowing.

I call it messed up big time and they've forced us in to this new reality which is m,an made but trying to keep to what actually happened in our past, the tracks don't always meet up correctly. They can manipulate this reality because it's man made don't forget and if they can create a big bang in the laboratory, do not fool yourself in to believing that aren't capable of making changes to a timeline.

Welcome to the Mandela Effect because it is real heres the proof.

They recreated a black hole aswell guys! they can do magic things, weird and strange things like playing God. Who knows, they might be God? they're sure as heck playing God that's for sure.

The people at CERN in Geneva who do all these strange and devastating experiments. I said devastating because you should read my post for the answer to that. they've recreated things like the big bang that they shouldn't of done and now we will pay the price for that very big mistake. They've messed everything up and the timelines are struggling to keep u[p and it's going to get worse. Is it by design so that the Aliens can take over? Is it a way of taking over a world? Turn the world in to your world? It is a interesting thought for sure, there's no wars, there's no battles and there's no interaction with the intended targets and just get a few Aliens on the planet and get an experiment going where they "think" they're doing the planning and thinking when all along they've been steered to the ultimate reality stargate!

They change the timelines or create a big bang on such and such frequency and dial in to their home or reality, dimension. They have just tapped in to their own timeline and reality in this part of space irreversibly connecting us to their part of space - kinda like what Einstein said. Bend space, time and make the distance shorter between two points? When in fact, he's just describing the future. Andnow we're on an eventual course to assimilate in to their culture, lifestyle and we won't even know it, maybe? At least I think I know it?

How, because observation and common sense. I could be totally wrong, but if anything it allows us to know that this could happen? Again, if you think it's impossible, just look to the experiments like the recreation of the big bang to know that anything at all is actually possible. It makes sense to me and I can only put so much in to words.

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