Huge UFO Coming Out A Crater On The Moon

In this amazing video posted on TheRealJimmyRobert1 YouTube channel (video link at the bottom in source section) it is amazing to see this UFO coming out the crater) we can really see a UFO coming out of a Lunar crater, for real.

UFOs been seen on the Moon is nothing new but this is something new.


Also after exiting the crater on the Moon we see it do a 45 degree angle, turn and it follows the curvature of the Moon's surface and heads off in to the dark side of the Moon.

Seeing a real UFO actually moving on the Moon is amazing and a revelation as i'm sat watching it so it could be for you also.

Here is the brilliant video:

William Durand from the east Coast of the US caught this fascinating evidence of a UFO coming out of the Lunar crater.

This for me has to be the best piece of evidence to date that there is living things on the Moon!

He used a 12 and a half inch telescope to capture this "history making" (in alternative news for sure) UFO footage that has captured everyone's imagination since watching this superb video.

I'm definitely sold on the idea that we're not alone in the universe and I know for a fact that we are being visited on a regularly basis because we're in some sort of Truman show!

If you add up ALL the conspiracies that have ever happened regarding UFO's and Alien's guess what the answer is?

It is simply this:

We are not alone!



Having a UFO reveal itself in person like this must be absolutely stunning?

  • What a feeling it must be?
  • The feelings must be intense.
  • This would be a belief changing event.

Imagine yourself looking through a telescope at the Moon and this UFO just comes up and out of a crater literally from nowhere? There has to be a base on the Moon!

The UFO doesn't know it's been filmed at all and is not aware that it's been looked at through a telescope.

By a human being!

I think that we need a webcam always on, always attached to a powerful telescope and we need people manning them - remotely so that we can keep and eye on our closest neighbours.

There's no limit to what we will see, especially if normal people ar detecting this kind of stuff on the Lunar surface?





Amazing footage of this epic UFO means that we're been lied to by the Governments and NASA is full of it!

They want ALL the glory for themselves, I hate selfish people.

Source The Real Jimmy Roberts1 YouTube.


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