Described As The Most Clear And Shocking UFO Video EVER

Described as the best UFO and most clearest Flying Saucer ever.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been sent a 19-second long clip said to have been filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, this month.

One of the biggest complaints about alleged UFO footage is that the clips are often blurred, out of focus, or filmed from too far away.

Described as the best UFO and most clearest Flying Saucer ever.

But in the video sent into MUFON, there is bio mistaking the flying saucer that roars over the remote road. The footage, which has been branded a CGI hoax by many viewers, begins with someone seen filming in one of the rearview mirrors of the vehicle. It is overcast and raining, and the quality of the recording itself is quite poor.

MUFON Flying Saucer seen in Africa.

Then a finger is seen to point out of the window and towards the top-right of the screen. Judging by what is implied is about to pass overhead, the cameraman remains very calm and silent. At 11 seconds in an aeroplane-like noise is heard before a huge classic movie-style flying saucer flies over the road as if descending to land.

It goes out of view again beyond trees and undergrowth at 13 seconds, before the noise changes to an echoing boom before stopping. If it were not a fake, it would be the most sensational UFO video captured to date. The video is below I suggest you watch it on full screen.

MUFON, based in the USA, is the world's largest organisation dedicated to the investigation of alien abductions and UFO sightings and footage. But the organisation has previously admitted that it does get inundated with hoax footage by pranksters and other individuals, which in some cases have to undergo an initial assessment, tying up investigators. The organisation accepts that this is one of the pitfalls of being an organisation dedicated to such research.

MUFON case number 77230
But I don't know why it was submitted to MUFON twice and a month apart. Why do you think this happened? Is it because there were two eyewitnesses?

MUFON Case UFO sighting shows large craft.

Here's what the eyewitness said:

It's a foggy morning in Kenya, Muranga County, my and a friend are driving down a Murram road video tapping the heavy fog that is falling making it hard to drive.

It's terrible weather for us but not for this UFO that took the chance to fly by unnoticed. There's still loads of information left on Express Online. Researching this UFO encounter is a great idea because it is a very fine line between good hoaxes and the real deal and I don't know if we'll ever determine if this is real or not.

MUFON Flying Saucer seen in Nairobi, Africa.

Source MUFON.
Source MUFON Case Number 77230 Video.
Source Express Online.


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