Is This A Rocket Or A Tower On The Moon

This could be a rocket like SpaceX or a tower on the Lunar surface.

So I was looking at the alleged William Rutledge Alien Spaceship in the Deporte Crater on the Moon (widely reported on) and as I was searching the rest of that particular NASA Moon image #9630 in the middle but just to the right of it, I just happened upon this odd looking and very strangely "but familiar looking object". Do you think it looks like a SpaceX (lookalike) Rocket or a tower of some sort?

These images are from the Moon fly by's from the Apollo Moon Mission images. They are 100% real and all can be verified on the NASA website so these images are not fakes and they are not a hoax, they are real.

I'm been serious, this is very, very odd looking and it shouldn't be there as far as I'm aware of because for one, it's got 3 legs possibly 4 legs as we can only see it from one side so I can't speculate if there is another leg on the other side as like I say, I can't see it?

This is a definite tower or a rocket on the Moon.

This has 3 legs and 2 half shadow circles at the very bottom of it - as we are seeing it from one side only. The flat Lunar surface has a shadow on it from this extraordinary Rocket looking (or tower) anomaly, don't forget how close it is to the Mona Lisa Alien Spaceship aswell. There's so many anomalies in just this one image.

This is a definite tower or a rocket on the Moon.

I'm not one hundred percent sure what it is, but I do think NASA has tried to blur this out or cover this up by blurring it away? If it is a rocket then this is an Alien one as we didn't use these types back when we went to the Moon and also it might even be a tower of some sort with leg struts?

Then I also saw this other strange V shape entrance type unusual looking structure just sat there looking all intelligently made. Because that is not a natural formation and neither is the tower or rocket )I still haven't decided what I believe it is as yet)? But I will.

Two anomalies are on the Moon.

The Alien Spaceship anomaly and Alien nicknamed "Mona Lisa" in this image has been widely reported on - but for another strange anomaly to be found actually in the very same image is weird. Someone else might of found this also but I have literally discovered this as a one off chance so as they're all NASA images.

V shaped anomaly which could be an entrance to the inner Moon.

Well it's NASA who actually discovered the strange anomalies (but failed to mention them) first so it's NASA who has to get the credit, anyone else is just pointing stuff out, just like me I'm actually only pointing stuff out. I mean, it's NASA's image simple as, not mine or anyone else but we can report on the images as long as we give credit, so all image links and credit are at the bottom of this post and references also.

In this image below we can see the huge Alien spaceship to the left and the tower/rocket in the middle circled and the V shaped inner entrance to the Moon on the right. Obviously this is a zoomed out image so go and have a look at the above images to see the zoomed in look, cheers guys. Please share this post if you can, thanks.

Source NASA JPL.
Source Reference UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Reference NASA Image Number AS15-P-9630.


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  1. 这些奇怪的东西,月球上到处都是,有些看来像是核能装置和碟形天线,总之那些奇形怪狀的东西在月球到处可见。

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