UFO Discovers The Mars Rover And Then Darts Off

UFO flies right toward the Rover then sees it and darts for cover behind a mountain.

Incredible footage of a UFO on Mars that is flying down probably what it think is a deserted part of an ancient river bed and as it gets nearer and nearer to the Mars Rover you can see that it suddenly "halts in mid air" it's then that it has probably just finished scanning the bottom of the "canyon" or ancient river bed.

That's when it (The Unidentified Flying Object) probably figured out there's a piece of Alien technology (our Mars Rover is Alien to it) so, that's then all of a sudden the UFO darts for cover behind the mountain you can see to the right in the image below.

Here's the point of origin for the UFO on Mars.

But even as it darts off for cover it makes another turn in the air towards the lower part of the mountain. This is an intelligently controlled UFO for sure. It even starts to flash or turning as it was held in mid air for what I call the scanning of the ancient floor bed?

This is a very, very interesting video from NASA themselves.

It was recorded way back in 2012 on 23rd of August - so it's been around the block so to speak but it's the first time that we've seen it (the video) here at USF. But like they say, look and you will find.

Guys seriously what the hell, this is what I believe to be the moment when the UFO realises it's not alone and that's why we see it all of a sudden stop in it's tracks but in mid air and then it really does look like it's turning around and then it darts off going low and fast towards the middle of the screen but left of the mountain in the right of the screen.

The UFO has originated in the distance and come forward and then it stopped to scan and then it darts off behind the mountain.

I'm flabbergasted and absolutely stunned by this as it's the first time I've seen this (as I'm sure it's the first time you have as well) and believe me, this is going to be studied and researched by us here at USF.

It's really that good, it really is up there (as of right now and first impressions) with some of the best we've ever seen? But, what we really want is your thoughts on this? We would love it if you could share this with your like minded friends and leave us a comment about this?

Here's a close up look at the UFO that has seen the Mars Rover and then darted off for cover behind the mountain.

If you've seen something in the video or connected some dots that we haven't yet then please by all means, the more information the merrier.


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  1. Seriously if you haven't seen the footage of this moving object in the Mars sky come to the Mars Rover then turn off and fly behind the mountain on the right then you really are missing out as it is absolutely amazing stuff.It flies in then flies off.

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