Light Orbs Over Jerusalem

Strange lights over Jerusalem which eventually merge into one.

UFOs Magazine caught this amazing UFO activity over Jerusalem and it actually starts with 3 UFOs hovering like they do and then it gets weird because the UFO on the bottom starts to hover towards the UFO at the top and literally disappears in to it. The light show it starts off with is also a bizarre Orb activity event.

There's many times that people witness these types of incidents but only have one account of what happened?

UFOs Magazine went to Jerusalem to investigate the Orb lights which have been plaguing that area. What a catch and apparently these light Orbs attacked the UFOs Magazine team? Also, apparently local police confirmed these sightings?

2 light Orbs hovering over Jerusalem.

It's a bit weird as the local police "anywhere" don't usually confirm or deny UFO sightings and usually don't have resources to commit to an investigation like this? So, you need to make your own mind up and take it all with your stride, but I thought if anything we could get some answers if we post the videos.

Plus when the Orbs really light up in the video and you can see that the background lights up aswell which indicates this really did happen.

Strange light deformation suggests the craft might be a UFO.

Info that came with the video:

This video has already been shown on our channel, but due to requests soon you will see the final report on the attack suffered by our team in Jerusalem by two orbs.



Our team went to Jerusalem investigating electrical disturbances and strange sightings while our camera was filming the orbs our team was attacked by the UFOs with a PEM pulse. Local officials have confirmed it is real ufos.

Video number 2:

Is it just me though or is it the same video which Ufosmagazine is trying to say is a different video because if it is then that really does undermine the whole incident from even happening? Is there any video analysts out there that can verify this please...

You see, this is why we post videos as well, to get answers that we would like - just like you would. It's great to get answers, we don't post stuff to try to convince you that they're real because that's a myth.

We post to get answers just like you.

Source Video 1 Ufosmagazine Instagram.
Source Video 2 Ufosmagazine Instagram.