The Largest Fleet Of UFOs Caught On Camera Over Honolulu Hawaii 2021

Here's the extraordinary video which was filmed over Honolulu in Hawaii some time in 2021. It was uploaded to Instagram by UFOBrazilNetwork.

What a bizarre looking UFO sighting because for start it's about the most UFOs probably that I ever seen in my life?

Large fleet of UFOs flying across Honolulu in Hawaii USA.

Massive UFO sighting over Honolulu Hawaii.

Group of UFOs following each other over Honolulu in Hawaii USA.

This is one large group of UFOs which seems to be following each other over Honolulu in Hawaii USA.

Not including the Tether incident which was filmed by NASA but in space. Okay there's no way that we can count them one's neither just like these UFOs.

If we stopped the screen and then tried to count all the UFOs that we could see, there'd still be UFOs behind the UFOs that we can see. So, that's be a very big ask and an unreliable endeavour. It's not bird's in my opinion because of the fluidity of the UFOs coming into the screen and turning them going back the way they came.

We see a couple of UFOs to start off with just nonchalantly strolling through the videos screen as if they belong here on Earth! Can you believe it, the cheek on these Extraterrestrial entities! Sneezing who knows what into the atmosphere and coughing all over the place, maybe? It wouldn't surprise me if they was... It starts off with the two UFOs flying into the screen view but they're quickly followed by all the rest of the fleet.

Two UFOs fly into the screen quickly followed by the full fleet of craft's! This is unprecedented footage of UFOs (Tic Tac UAPs) in Earth's atmosphere.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I don't believe that these are bird's or drones even though there's a good chance that it could be one of them. We can't rule them out at all but we can add them to a list in order of what these could be?

I suppose bird's would be first in this list and then drones would be second. But without a doubt, above both of these two good ideas would be UFOs. Still unidentified flying object's which is now UAPs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Which camp are you in; UFOs or UAPs because the Pentagon has pretty much changed the acronym and is trying to control the narrative because it's their way of admitting to UFOs but not wanting to work within the rules so they're wiping away all the shame as they was involved in rubbishing anyone who talked publicly about UFOs. It became a joke, it was a bad thing to say UFO as anyone talking about UFOs was immediately labelled as mentally unstable.

People was "mercilessly ridiculed" so we can spot it a mile off what the Pentagon is doing. They don't want to be labelled as unstable or backing a kooky genre.

Well, you've got to live with it just like we did! Hawaii USA does have a large number of UFOs that people are filming all the time.

Here's the magnification video flying over Honolulu in Hawaii USA:

Massive UFO Fleet Filmed Over Honolulu Hawaii 2021 from UFO Sighting's Footage on Vimeo.

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sighting's Footage Vimeo/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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