UFO Sphere Over Santiago de Querétaro Mexico October 2022

Here's a stunning video of a UFO Sphere flying over Mexico in October 2022.

Is it an alien "probe" which was seen in the surroundings of the Mexican city of Querétaro (Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico)?

A close up of a silver metallic UFO sphere over Mexico in October 2022.

There's a lot of UFO sightings in the world and this is one over Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico.

The UFO sphere is filmed over Mexico but what is it? Could it be a balloon? Is it a man-made craft or a hoax with CGI rendering?

I'm confident that it's not a hoax or a CGI rendering because of how it looks. But, is it a real UFO or a UAP sphere?

That's the million-dollar question!

Guy's, if I remember right we've all seen something that looks very similar to this UFO? It's hard to distinguish between the two UFOs ie the one just above at the top and this one directly below.

I think that they look the same (or as near as possible to it) as this one here in the video, definitely. It's been seen by someone and then we were filmed in a few places but I'll just list the one other place where I think this UFO sighting might have happened.

UFO sighting that looks similar to this UFO sighting over Santiago de Querétaro in Mexico.

It's labelled as a cube UFO but it does look like this one in the video here in this post.

Video description:

Only a few seconds of video are enough to observe the technology that goes beyond what humans have. The UFO is captured in full daylight, at the end of the video it looks to go hypersonic and its next movement (without any visible means of propulsion), literally vanishes while the witness tries to capture it with his camera!

Then the UFO finally disappeared out of sight.

The video leaves no room for doubt that it is an object from another world, hundreds of these "spheres" are reported every day around the globe.

Sometimes alone and sometimes in flotillas (fleets) or dozens of them, it is extraterrestrial technology that usually visits homes, detecting frequencies and energies of individuals before "disappearing."

Commonly seen at low altitudes, but also usually suspended for long periods over the cities hovering.

The original writing is in Spanish which I don't know if it makes sense...

Una de estas esferas OVNI fue captada claramente sobre la ciudad de Medellín, Colombia por un piloto desde la cabina de un avión commercial, a más de 35,000 mil pies de altura, son objetos llamado por el gobierno de E.U. como Uvnis "Transmedium", que pueden pasar del fondo del mar al cielo y salir al espacio.

The above quote in Spanish is here also but I've translated it into English here:

One of these UFO spheres was captured clearly over the city of Medellin, Colombia by a pilot from the cockpit of a commercial aircraft, at more than 35,000 thousand feet, these are objects called by the U.S. government. "Transmedium" UFOs, can go from the bottom of the sea to the sky and out into space.

Continued video description...

This is the technology that today worries the governments of great nations, and that has prevented them from continuing to submit information to the public. The transmutation has begun, and the "New Era" has arrived... Es momento de creer.

The translation of the original Spanish writing in the video description didn't turn out right under idiotic and never made any sense whatsoever and I cannot add it to my post.

I refuse to add "gobbledygook" so to speak to my blog post which doesn't make any sense. It's got to be a translation error because the effort is too great. But because it never translated correctly there's a very good chance that the original Spanish writing doesn't make any sense at all, either.

I know that it doesn't make sense because when I translated it to English (I tried a couple of times) to make sure it wasn't just a one-off because Google Translate is usually very good.

If Google Translate cannot make sense of it then there's a strong possibility that local dialect might be mixed into the writing. In other words "writing words how it's pronounced phonetically instead of the correct writing and spelling?"

A bit like this; ello me friend. Which should be written as "Hello my friend" so Google would probably struggle to translate it phonetically.{alertSuccess}

There's always something going on in the world about UFOs.

Here's the extraordinary, fantastic video showing the UFO sphere:

October 2022 A UFO Sphere Flew Over Santiago de Querétaro Mexico from UFO Sighting's Footage on Vimeo.

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Credit: Ufologopedroramirez Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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