Bizarre Looking UFO Caught By Skywatcher

This is a fantastic UFO sighting but really bizarre looking because it's not like anything else that I've seen before.

It does seem to have tiny small wing's but the front of it tapers upwards.

Here's a clear snapshot of the UFO sighting over Germany filmed by Skywatcherger.

This white UFO sighting happened just today and was filmed by Skywatcherger.

This literally just happened today on the 23/11/2022 and was uploaded to Instagram by Skywatcherger.

Here's a snapshot of the UFO from the Instagram video which was uploaded by Skywatcher.

It was only caught on camera today just this morning at 9:52am. It was caught on camera by Skywatcherger with the Ger part of his name meaning Germany so I assume that it was caught today at 9:52am over Germany? I am only assuming that though, I wish people would put more information about UFO sighting's for historical purposes!

The information is just the date and obviously the person who caught this in camera. This channel regularly uploads UFO sighting's which are really good just like this one.

Here's the video of the white UFO, it comes into view from the left of the screen and that's where the tapering upwards probably comes into it's own as it then simply flies upwards. What's propelling this UFO? What's steering it? Is it one of those small remote controlled jet's which are all the rage at the moment?

Because those RC plane things make a lot of noise but unfortunately or suspiciously this video doesn't have any sound?

I'm not saying that it's a deal breaker but it's definitely better to utilise all the availability of the camera and the microphone especially if it comes free with the camera otherwise it just throws doubt into the equation.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: Skywatcher Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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