UFO Sighting At The ISS But At A Crucial Time They Could Not Cut The Feed

A UFO was filmed by NASA at the ISS as NASA engineers zoomed into the work being done to try to hide the UFO.

They never had a camera from another angle so they just had to crack on and ignore it.

The International Space Station cameras catch a UFO or UAP in 2014 but can't turn cameras off.

NASA engineers can't turn the camera off as it's the pinnacle of the whole mission.


This happened on February 14th, 2014. It's a truly fantastic example of a UFO sighting turning up randomly at the ISS and NASA being caught in the crosshairs. They were unable to turn off the camera at such a crucial stage of the mission which was taking control of the capsule.

Video description:

NASA zoomed in to hide the UFO.

Streetcap1 YouTube channel  

They had to keep the cameras rolling this time because it looked as though they didn't have another camera to switch to. But this is NASA that we're talking about isn't it? So, no matter what happens, they'll just deny it and that could be directly denying it with words or just ignoring it! Either way, NASA has denied it.

And that's exactly what happened!

Don't forget though this is February 14th, 2014 and we have the luxury of a fast-forward from this UFO event to now. We know what happens after this UFO event.

NASA's 3-step process.

The 3-step analysis with hindsight; step 1, ignore it - step 2, deny it - step 3, pretend it never happened. There's one more step called step and that's called - 3.1 rinse and repeat.

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They could have easily explained it away afterwards which as it turns out they never actually did. They just ignored it like usual. but if needed they would have done so. They have never looked into any UFO sightings that came into sight on the ISS live feed. You did know that didn't you? It's a case of the camera being turned off normally and later the cameras come back on, NASA doesn't even mention the UFO that came onto the screen just before the screen went off.

Now isn't that strange?

You'd think that because NASA is the designated official Extraterrestrial life chaser in space they'd at least look into any UFO that "actually came to them" but no, absolutely not!

Here's the brilliant video uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1 YouTube channel above.

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Credit: Streetcap1 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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