2 Silver UFO Spheres Over Valle Hermoso, Mexico

UFOs are getting noticed everywhere and people are filming them believe me, it seems like everyone's not afraid to report them anymore.

2 amazing UFO spheres filmed over Valle Hermoso Taumalipas Mexico in December of 2022.

Close up look at the silver sphere UFO over Mexico in December 2022.

Is this an opening on the UFO sphere over Valle Hermoso Taumalipas Mexico in 2022.

This is a close-up look at the UFO sphere, is there surveillance equipment inside of the UFO Orb?

I remember a time (not that long ago) when just the mention of the word UFO got laughs and jokes, but now that everyone's got a cell phone...

The rest as they say is history because everyone's filming them for themselves! They're either going crazy or something is going on, and because people are filming them it's obvious that it's the latter. Because people are filming them "for themselves" the jokes are all but fading away left only for that one lone guy that nobody likes anyway! It's about time the ridicule is gone!

Good riddance to the trolls in Ufology.

It's almost like it's been a mass waking-up effect and I put it down to people being able to see them and film them for themselves. That's probably the single biggest thing why people are more likely to have a conversation with you about UFOs.

That and because of UAP disclosure and the UAP videos that have been released.

That stands to reason wouldn't you say so? It makes sense how a once laughed-at genre is now been publicly acknowledged, and taken seriously and we've seen a major change (a shift in attitudes) towards UFOs. It's now called UAPs or Unidentified Aerial/Anomalous Phenomena.

The Aerial part has just been changed to Anomalous. It's probably down to the word "Aerial" sounding way too specific or it's hinting at the Government knowing a lot more than what it's publicly letting on to. So they've changed it to Anomalous Phenomena. They changed it from UFO to UAP because of the stigma attached to UFOs even though they were part of the problem. Like the Governor of Arizona Fife Symington who brought out the Alien and brought it to the podium which was a ridicule stunt.

You should read up on his current beliefs here... He says that it's the single biggest regret he has! It's so unbelievable and eye-opening that you cannot make that particular story up, even if you tried to!

It's the Government, what can I say? They seem to do whatever they want to and because Ufology is outside of the norms of society they can just step in and say we are changing the term UFO (which, by the way, is over a half-century old) and who's gonna protest about it? It seems that nobody is going to challenge it because Ufology is getting way more out of this deal which is...

UFO disclosure.

Yes, it's UFO disclosure and it always will be called UFOs.

Here are 2 silver UFO Spheres with many sightings of this particular type and shape over decades being reported. This type of UFO has been filmed next to helicopters, flying up to and around the Concorde jet. There was even a Sphere UFO filmed at the late Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations.

That was a particularly excellent UFO sighting because it was the most well-guarded piece of airspace in the world at that precise moment. It even got past the Red Arrows tight radar, and aerial security and became the unofficial 10th aerial display jet. And most of all it's a mass UFO sighting of epic proportions.

I've just counted that there were 9 Red Arrows jets involved in the Platinum Jubilee flypast aerial display. Check out this post for 2 awesome UFO sphere sightings covered by The Portugal News called UFOs at Airshows.

Video description:

UFO sighting in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, Mexico on 12/28/2022 at 12:05 am, a great record, these unidentified flying objects, in the shape of a metallic sphere, would they be probes? Or ships?

Ufologia_u Instagram 

I love writing about UFOs and posting information for people to read up on specific UFO sightings from around the world. So, if you've got any UFO sightings that you've managed to film or photograph then please share them with us right here at UFO Sighting's Footage.

Let's get the world up-to-date on the UFO sighting situation. There's a lot more going on in the skies than in previous decades. We're living in a world where the first satellites were sent out, and TV broadcasts were sent out into space. We even did nuclear tests all of which are the same thing that we are listening for in space!

We're listening for unnatural sounds the very same thing as what we create, we're definitely in space listening in most (possibly all) directions. And believe me, if we're listening then you can bet the house, the nest egg and your bottom dollar that Extraterrestrials are listening on all the same bandwidths, the same frequencies and it's also looking Into space in all parts of the spectrum.

Because that's what we're doing!

It's no coincidence (there's no such thing) that just as our technological revolution set off on its predetermined course, UFOs began to show up. The more we advanced, the more UFO sightings started to take place.

That's no coincidence, let me tell you that for free!

Here's to the observable and the other things. We're going to do the other things, not because we're being watched but because it's now easier to do than before.

That's a new reworked by me, Kennedy speech lol. I like it.

Here's the brilliant post that was uploaded to Instagram by @ufologia_u please share this post, thanks:

If you've got any thoughts on this or if you have seen something similar to this, please get in touch with me or let us know in the comments section below, cheers.

I've never seen a double UFO Sphere sighting before.

Credit: The Portugal News/Express/ufologia_u Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I saw a pair of these (even with a darker spot) travelling together in the UK 4/5 years ago. They were first spotted in a figure of eight and then broke apart into two spheres like these. Roughly same height off ground too. Are they mapping the terrain? For some reason I felt that’s what they were doing at the time.

  2. I was on a flight from Antwerp, Belgium to London City airport 7 June 2023 (last week). Clear sky heading to the UK. Travelling over offshore wind-farms off coast of England both myself & husband witnessed 2 metallic orbs one below aircraft travelling in opposite direction and one at similar level which appeared more as a flash of light. Never seen anything like this before. I’ve since been researching info online about other sightings.

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