Noah's Ark Fragments Have Been Discovered And Examined

I really enjoy researching anything to do with history and so when I discovered this new update regarding the possibility that the legendary Noah's Ark really existed, I was drawn to it.

Noah's Ark fragments are being examined by scientist's which was found in Turkey.

Noah's Ark fragments have been discovered and are being examined report's Earth-chronicles.

Noah's Ark "has possibly" been found, which is great for the people who discovered this and what it's going to mean for a lot of people around the world.

There's actually a couple of post's from just a couple of days ago regarding a university in Turkey having discovered artifacts from the supposed Ark similar to petrified wood which they've been examining and conducting scientific research on.

Quick quote:

It is quite possible that a world sensation is being prepared.


Guy's it's quite possible that it's going to be massive and historical event, so I'm giving you the links etc to stay up-to-date on this. If these fragments turn out to be from the Ark ie time, date and the place which is in the Bible then yes, all research and answers point's to "true North" if you know what I mean? The research doesn't lie in other words and anything else is people's opinions. If the answer is equal to the question then it is what it is. It will come under scrutiny and if like any research - if it's repeatable and under certain conditions and continuesly gives the same answer then it is what it is. It's a marvelous time for believer's, and rightly so! It will validate a lot of thing's. The first thing being the truth.

Representatives of the Istanbul Technical University and the University of Agra Ibrahim Chechen began to study fragments that may be the remains of the legendary Noah’s Ark, on which the Old Testament patriarch saved “each creature in pairs” from the universal flood. This is reported by Expat Guide Turkey.


Why am I writing about this, because it's historically important information for million's of people. It proves more than just Noah trying to save the animal kingdom or that God spoke to a human. It's proving God is real.

Noah's Ark has possibly been discovered in Turkey on mount Ararat. That's absolutely brilliant news for anyone, in my view. It's definitely a good thing.

Historical records show that the hunt for the ark dates back to the time of Eusebius of Caesarea (275–339 CE), but no physical proof of the Ark has ever been found.

Israel Hayom  

Until now, because representatives of the Istanbul Technical University and the University of Agra Ibrahim Chechen began to study fragments that may be the remains of the legendary Noah’s Ark. Actual physical evidence of Noah's Ark. Earth-chronicles, you need to check out this post.

I really like and enjoy staying up-to-date on certain topics and issues but some thing's are better than most. Turkey's Mount Ararat definitely having the Ark, would be for many, many other people around the world the biggest single piece of news in their lives. It's what the implications for everyone will be if it turns out to be correct.

I'm alway's hopeful when it comes to ancient history being proved one way or another.

The existence of the biblical ship, which, according to legend, landed on Mount Ararat, now located in the Turkish province of Agra.

ToSo, what next if indeed Noah's Ark has been finally discovered? What does this mean for Christianity because it's mentioned in Genesis guy's the dates and years, ages, times until, etc. The Bible gives dates, it has given us a place where Noah's Ark came to rest.

The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC ± 11 years. (The plus 11 year's are a very clever understanding of information provided and how this date came to be).

This date is, as expected, in conflict with secular archaeology which regards the Flood as either local or a myth and the Biblical chronologies as irrelevant or inaccurate.

You must read this because it's great information for you to make up your own mind whether or not Noah's Ark actually was real. I'm a believer now. It's based on real date's and event's that had already happened and ages of people known to exist. Taking all this into account and making a rational decision based on dates, people, places is something that I can believe. Plus it's from the Bible so you know it's reliable.

The Biblical data puts the great flood at 2304 BC +11 year's and the post clearly states that it's going to be in conflict with secular archaeology because and I quote:

The placing of a catastrophic global flood in the year 2304 BC means that all civilizations discovered by archaeology must fit into the last 4,285 years.


I read this and I totally understood it in my own way. Noah's Ark once existed and it came to rest on Mount Ararat in Turkey. It's alway's going to be challenged by anyone who thinks different to religion, personal beliefs etc but to be honest I'm just happy with the dates, places and event's which by the way all major religions accept happened.

Here's this quote about it:

Noah’s misadventures are recognized by three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There is only one exception – the Koran states that the ark of the prophet Nuh (in the Bible – Noah) did not land on Ararat, but on Mount Judy in southeastern Turkey.

It's all because of the beginning of the flood and God telling Noah that a flood was coming as mankind was corrupt and violent. To make an Ark, in Hebrew it means a chest or a box. God was wiping the Earth back and the floodgates of Heaven opened for 40 day's and 40 night's. The rest as they say is history. It means there's truth to this.

It's a truly unique story, it's one of understanding and believing. Just be nice, change for the better if you believe you need to. Life's a lesson, be good to each other.

Here's a video I found about Noah's Ark you will like:

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  1. This is no different then the claim that thousands of pieces of the alleged cross that Jesus was crucified on or the blood of St. Januarius showing up in churches all around Italy

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