12 UFOs Over Los Angeles California 2nd August

This is a different UFO sighting, is it flares, probably not as these just appeared out of nowhere.

The most UFOs that are over Los Angeles California in August of 2021.

Close up of the LA California 12 UFOs sighting reported to MUFON.

Flare's have smoke coming from them like trails, but these do not! Therefore I am confident that these are UFOs.

We can't hear any airplanes and helicopters or any military aircraft whatsoever which is what we'd hear if these was flare's.

The witness himself is being serious but his girlfriend is saying thing's like "nanoo nanoo, let's go out and meet them" which I thought was real funny, lol. It's good that people aren't scared of these UFOs no matter how many there are coming towards you because that's exactly what the guy actually says!

It's a totally different sight to flares, if it was flares we'd see the smoke lit up coming from the flares above. It would be so easy to spot if it was flares but it's absolutely not them.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

These are the very idea of what a UFO stands for. It's unidentified and it's certainly objects in the sky. We've still not been able to identify these and it's a full year and a wee bit since this was filmed over Los Angeles, CA, USA. I don't know what to make of this UFO sighting, they are seemingly hovering, drifting slowly towards the witnesses, maybe they could be trying to communicate with them?

I don't know and you don't know, nobody knows... So to dismiss people's opinions on this would be the wrong thing to do I think. Unless you have a rare insight because you've filmed a UFO before like this one, then yes of course your in a miles better position to comment on this type of UFO event.

I've personally never seen a UFO sighting at all. I hope I will one day. It's not for the lack of trying or it's not because I'm constantly looking down at my cell phone. It's because it's just not meant to be yet. I'm sure it will happen one day if it's meant to be? I've mentioned it before that there's enough satellites and camera's on these satellites in space that if and yes that's a big if, if the US Government wanted to know where these UFOs are, where they go then just like everyday CCTV on Earth, rewind the tapes!

Seriously, get a time and a date, a place and look back on the satellite recordings. It's literally that simple because this is what happens when a crime on Earth happens they scour for CCTV and rewind the tapes. Well, we all know that there's satellites up in space and they are filming ie the Google Earth and Google Maps cameras for starters and then there's the ISS with cameras on there that can zoom in. Okay, they're specific and what not but the orbiting satellites can definitely see down to Earth.

This was reported to MUFON and hopefully they'll use their huge "volunteer token's lol) to investigate this further because that's a good UFO sighting.

Here's the actual witness statement from MUFON:

12 UFO orbs appear with no planes or anything else around.

Sighting Report and Long Description – Case No 117150:

There were no planes or anything else around. Witnessed by me and my girlfriend.

Submission Date: 2021-08-03 Event Date: 2021-08-02. Submitted by the eye witness the day after he and his girlfriend filmed it.

Los Angeles, California, USA - 2nd August, 2022.

Witness Statement: "There were no airplanes or anything else around. Witnessed by me and my girlfriend." 

MUFON Case - 117150.

Here's the extraordinary but very interesting UFO incident caught on film on August 2nd 2021 in Los Angeles Cali:

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Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/MUFON/Mundomisterioso/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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