Buzz Aldrin Tells The Truth It Was Animation

This is mind-blowing, the first image right here is the very moment when he tells Conan O'Brien "No you didn't," but what could he be saying that about?

Neil Armstrong tells Conan O'Brien the Moon Landing was animation.

Buzz Aldrin tells Conan O'Brien that the live feed people saw in 1969 was animation.


He's had decades and decades to perfect what to say to the media and the public without any confusion about what he says and what he means. So, this phrase "you watched animation" is well thought out and deliberate. It's exactly what it is.

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I was just searching the Apollo Moon landing videos online, and I stumbled upon this baffling interview given by Buzz Aldrin, who was talking to Conan O'Brien.

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Guy's, to say that this is gonna change everything (for me at least) you thought you knew about the Moon landing from the history books is an understatement. Humans have landed on the Lunar surface, think again. That's not me saying it. It's the very person who"supposedly went to the Moon himself" actually saying it.

Quoting Conan:

We saw you land on the Moon!

No, you didn't. No, you didn't. Buzz says it twice abruptly, then he states it is a matter of fact like "that was animation." He then proceeds to state:

"There wasn't anybody taking the pictures you watched the animation."

It's what comes towards the end of the video, which is the shocker, the biggest thing to probably ever be said by Buzz Aldrin. As if the first two statements by Buzz Aldrin weren't enough, right?

Buzz Aldrin on the Lunar surface looking at the US flag.

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon's surface, looking at the American flag.

This video is undoing popular belief second by second as people watch it. What schools have been teaching, what universities have been preaching, and what scientific communities around the world have been celebrating is animation. Who made this animation... Buzz Aldrin is saying that human beings' biggest achievement ever was animation.

NASA has been using the same photo CGI rendering of the Earth for decades, the clouds haven't moved.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

How ironic it is that the lie has been broadcast on live TV. The very medium is supposed at the heart of the 1969 Moon landing.

The crazy thing about this is that you don't need to add anything to what he says, you don't need to distort what he says, you don't even have to opinionate or add any of your own words or interpret what he said.

It's word for word all by Buzz Aldrin.

Here's what I think.

Buzz Aldrin has probably had enough of the lies. Was he at the last minute in 1969 told he and the others weren't going? Because we "now know" that it was animation, it must have gone along the lines of "you're not going, we're going to use pre-recorded training exercise audio, with animation" which they (NASA) had recorded through their as real as training exercises?

His facial expressions for the last decade (at least), in my opinion, tell us the "other story," the one in which we get to interpret and read between the lines. I think that Buzz Aldrin comes with 2 equal but mind-numbing, "storylines."

There are his facial expressions after certain things are said about space by agency spokespersons while he's received awards. Sometimes on stage, backing a candidate as well, etc. To be honest, it is legendary. His eyebrows are raised, he gives that look, turns away, wrinkles his nose and forehead, and then there's that little shake of the head in disapproval.

There's also that "you're wrong" stare!

But then there's his actual voice, and what he's got to say is - for the most part, it's a towing-the-line speech. The kind which says "I'm only going along with this but under protest" without actually saying it. Because he knows he sold out when he decided to go along with it.

With age comes wisdom, I suppose, and regret.

He went along with it. He's Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon. He looks angry.

He, Buzz Aldrin knows exactly what happened. It was animation.

They didn't televise it live because it was animation, pre-recorded and apparently or supposedly it was filmed with a camera aimed at a TV screen in Australia or some story like that, I'm not entirely sure and to be honest after listening to what Buzz just said, what's the point? If I look it up, I'm just looking up the lie. I'm not even gonna look it up. It was animation.

I think this is Buzz Aldrin at the point where he's not bothered anymore about what happens if he opens his mouth against the very people who lied to the world back in 1969. It certainly sounds like he's changed his tune.

His facial expressions on many occasions and many TV shows when people have said specific things about going to the Moon or even landing on the Moon, etc, are priceless. His eyebrows are raised to the roof! He rolls his eyes and looks away from the person. Did you see him at Trump's speech about starting the Space Force?

Priceless moments in TV history. Now we know why. What he's just said on Conan is what he's more than likely been trying to say for decades but couldn't. People have said on TV when he's been there that they saw the Moon landing on live TV. All along, Buzz Aldrin has been thinking but never said it. Now we know what his eye rolls and raised eyebrows are because of.

I saw you on live TV landing on the Moon.

"No, you didn't."

Did you see how matter of fact he replied abruptly to Conan? I'm shocked by it, I already knew there was something dodgy about the Moon landing - most people have as well, but to hear, it caught me off guard.

There are a lot of people in the world who will still say it happened. The Moon landing happened. Well, the proverbial horse is saying otherwise. Straight from the horse's mouth. The guy who supposedly went to the Moon is now telling us it was a lie, that Trump's anything that NASA bigwigs can say. It's the epitome of trust erosion.

Here's a video about the Moon landing with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

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I know that people will have things to say about this one, Buzz Aldrin himself has opened up the conversation about what people think they saw was animation. Now we know that NASA didn't mention anything about animation being used, so he's effectively opened the largest can of worms you can imagine. It's the other things that he says as well. In the end, he refers to the legendary phrase "Houston, the Eagle has landed" by not an asd line or lie. The video captions said 

Here's the extraordinary video, the video which should change everything, but as we know about mainstream media, it won't change anything:

It should change the way we look at the Moon landing, but it won't. People will continue to believe that they saw it live on TV even though this is the guy who they were watching (apparently) along with Neil Armstrong, and he's telling us it was animation. The audio could be from an old exercise simulation that NASA recorded. In reality, it wasn't the guys, this proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt. Everyone was watching animation or, as it's known today, CGI.

Credit: Buzz Aldrin/NASA/Conan O'Brien/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I always said from day one that it never actually happened

  2. Is it possible he just meant there was nobody there filming it but they actually DID land on the moon? It’s vague and ambiguous and needs clarification.

    1. Agreed. He never said they didn't land on the moon

  3. It happened but as he said there was no one there to take the video looking at the lander touching down so this part was animation. To clarify it I believe he should have added that once they were on the surface they could take film of each other and also use a camera on a tripod to film both of them.

  4. There was no live coverage of the landing on the moon; we only saw film later after it was returned to Earth and developed. All we had was animation at the time. It's obvious to anyone with half a neurone that this is what he's saying.

  5. Bottom line he just isn’t allowed to say wtf really went on truth always comes out in the end let’s hope

    1. And maybe this is why we don't see him on as much TV as he probably should have been especially as he has walked on the Moon. They might be afraid of what he says next.

  6. The supposed moon landing was part of a scheme to throw off the Canaanites who hate humanity, who want to destroy us. They live underground, in the dark, they are evil and in order to make them focus on a shiny bauble instead of humanity, they created the whole narrative of the moon landing. Just about EVERYTHING we have been told since JFK’s staged assignation is a lie. These things must happen to trap the evil ones. I know this will be laughed at, just as the people laughed at Noah until it started raining, but I will continue to spread the truth with anyone who is willing to open their minds and use their God-given brains to discover the truth.

    1. I think a lot of historical events have been staged. It only takes one to unravel it. Because if an establishment hoaxes one event how many others are they prepared to hoax 🤔

  7. Honestly what he said is that the landing was an animation. But the voice recordings of what was going on was real. They really landed on the moon but they obviously couldn't record that so for the sake of entertainment they made an animation. But the other stuff them walking on the moon etc was real is what he said.

    1. I understand exactly what your saying, I think this is the inside knowledge between the astronauts, mission control and the TV producers that they didn't want getting out to the public? So, it stands to reason or to assume at least that a kind of cover up was in play. If people knew beforehand it was animation... Imagine the history headlines as opposed to the factual headlines. I still think we had the wool pulled over our eyes and that's what Buzz is referring to. Conan brushed it aside but Buzz is trying to set the record straight. Maybe. 🙏🏻

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