2 Cylindrical Shape UFOs Filmed Today Over Italy And Argentina

Hi, I filmed a UFO tonight; I live in Italy, Aradeo (LE) which is the first statement by the first person who sent the cylinder shape UFO video to me.

Italy cylinder shaped UFO sighting today 12 Feb 2023.

Argentina cylinder shaped UFO sighting today 12 Feb 2023.

I genuinely believe that we're seeing 2 more of the Cylindrical shape UFOs that was shot down, and that these are part of the group of them.

The person wrote "tonight in the email" meant today at 7:50pm Sunday the 12th February 2023.

The second video was sent to me today and the person filmed this just a bit earlier in the morning than the first one. It was filmed over Posadas, Misiones. Argentina, Domingo 12th February, 5:38am.

This is a white Cigar shape UFO which is absolutely amazing, it's detailed looking, it's not that far away and it definitely looks like a cylindrical shape UFO.

Both of them look very similar in shape, size and guy's this does seem really coincidental that 2 Cylindrical shape UFOs are filmed over Argentina and Italy on the same weekend as the other 2 UFOs, one was Cylindrical shape UFOs taken down. The one shot down over Alaska interfered with the jet's instrument's!

I believe that I've been sent 2 videos of the same Cylindrical shape UFO one seen over Italy and the other seen over Argentina Posadas!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

It's not Starlink because this is one piece and not a satellite train with gap's between each satellite.

As we know from the recent UFO event's of lately, that has been caught by the US Air Force jet's and literally shot out of the sky, these are here but nobody seems to know where from?

A US Senator came out on TV today to try and throw classic "old fashioned views" on this by calling all 3 UFOs balloons which is just absolutely typical. Even though the Defence Minister Anita Anand of Canada clearly stated on live TV that this was a cylindrical shape object, in fact she stared straight into the camera and said "the shape is cylindrical" so I don't know where this guy's coming from.

Twitter post:

Jim Homes Democrat went on TV Meet The Press and was asked about serious concerns of an Alien invasion speculation online, to which he replied with; is Alien Invasions:

Congressman Addresses Speculation After UFOs Shot Down. "In the absence of information, people's anxiety leads them into potentially destructive areas," Representative Jim Himes said Sunday.

So he's downplaying any possible contact with Extraterrestrial life. This is a typical example of not being forthright and honest. Maybe he just doesn't know anything about it, because we're speculating that automatically all political figures are in the know, well that's absolutely wrong!

There's still common sense even with politicians and some politicians will never trust each other. They come on TV and throw mud at each other al the time, so why do we instantly think that they work together? Because they do not! In fact I'd go as far as to say most don't like each other and the information they get, they guard it and don't share it. It's their ace up the sleeze, sorry I mean sleeve.

They're only human (in most part) and they are career minded, a valuable piece of eye's only information would be guarded like a BMW parked in the wrong part of town!

They all have need to know information. There's levels of credibility or compartmentalized information so to think that they're all in the loop like Mr Himes, well let's just think about it. He hasn't mentioned that he even knows what day it is? It's Sunday by the way.

We need to stop jumping to conclusions about politician's being in the know as we need to stop jumping to conclusions that it's UFOs related to Aliens. Unless it's directly said that it's Alien related.

Here's the extraordinary videos:

Video 1 Argentina, filmed yesterday 5:31pm exactly, Saturday 11th February 2023.

Video 2 filmed today Sunday 12th February 2023 Aradeo, Italy.

That's 2 Cylindrical shape UFOs on the same weekend as the 2 UFOs shot down over Alaskaand Yukon Canada. Seriously, this is absolutely stunning stuff. Thank you so much to @missionestravel and Naza Specchia for both sending in these amazing Cylindrical shape UFOs.

Guy's if you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: News Week/@misionestravel Instagram/Naza Specchia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Saw these same lights in Painesville, OH today

  2. I saw the same thing in Istanbul. I have the picture of it

  3. Same in Greece! On Sunday February 12th at 7:10 pm

  4. If they were extraterrestrial how could we shoot them down ?
    1 they are not omnipotent there is some propulsion system we dont understand and it may have begun to degrade let's say a mothership broadcasts a signal that provides power ect ...and it is failing or weakening which in turn slows the craft and hinders they're ability to maneuver
    2 when we send our stuff into outer space we dont send any weapons with them do we ? It is more than likely they dont either so therefore they cant shoot down our craft or our missiles and if they are on some reduced power situation that would also hinder they're ability to deflect incoming?

  5. This IS starlink. They start out as a train extremely close together google image search “star link in the sky” and you will see almost and identical image as these.

  6. Your “ufo expert” Lee whatever his name is needs to find a new occupation. This is starlink and I’ve been studying UFOs for about 3 days.


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