A Cylinder Shaped UFO Was Shot Down Over Yukon | Here's What We Know

A cylindrical shape UFO has been tracked by NORAD and 2 F-22 fighter Jet's was scrambled to shoot down the cylindrical shape object.

Possibly what the silver cylindrical shape UFO might look like.

What the cylindrical shape UFO that has just been taken down over the Yukon, Canada might have looked like based on details emerging.


Can you believe that, this is 3 such illegal "highly illegal" incursions in just 2 weeks. Are these UFOs becoming so commonplace and even taking on a commanding role?

Mainstream media outlets are awash covering these breaking news stories regularly now which not long ago would have been blacked out and deliberately covered up. They used to call it a media black out.

But thing's are changing also news reporting is definitely different now. It's 2023 and a new generation is at the helm of the leading news outlets taking all matters seriously and sincerely trying to make a difference.

Let's get into what we know.

F-22 fighter Jet's have taken down a cylinder shaped object of northern Canada airspace. It was taken down at exactly 3:41pm EST.

It's been called a "High Altitude Airborne Object" and it was at 40,000 feet.

The object is cylindrical in shape.

It's the first time that NORAD has actually downed an aerial object and that's according to Anita Anand.

It was 100 miles away from the Canada and USA border.

It was in Canadian territory, in central Yukon.

It illegally entered the airspace of Canada. And it posed a reasonable threat to civilian flights.

It was taken down over frozen ice which normally that area is water.

It's going to be recovered because of this object coming down onto ice.

It's silver in colour.

It's the third such instance of an incursion over North America in 2 week's.

It's just been called a UFO invasion by Franca 24 news outlet at 12:32pm Sunday (for historical purposes).

It was taken down over central Yukon area.

The probability of the object's been here, not able to see or take in it's surroundings is virtually nill.

How did it get here, it must have navigated at some way or part way if not all the way here.

Apparently some of the Jet's instrument's started to malfunction when they got close to the UFO?

It's propulsion system, of which couldn't be determined by the F-22 pilot who's a atrained observer. A world class, the best of his or her class trained observer because they have to be. It goes without saying that the US Air Force is no joke, these are human beings at the top of their game. You cannot, probably shall not, will never be as good as these guy's when it comes to anything such as flying aerial vehicles.

The Alaska (Dead Horse) was a similar object.

Deadhorse is an unincorporated community located within the CDP of Prudhoe Bay in North Slope Borough, Alaska, United States, along the North Slope near the Arctic Ocean.

Google Search  

They're trained observer's in man made propulsion systems and identifying any aircraft new or old, prototype or other. And if these fine people can't determine what the propulsion systems are, it's never been seen before.

It's shape, we know that it's a cylinder shape like the image I've added to demonstrate what it might look like?

We know that it was tracked by radar from the day before.

Here's the Tweet by Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister announcing the take down of the Unidentified Object.

Separately, the U.S. military also scrambled fighter jets in Montana just last night (I'm in the UK) to investigate a radar anomaly that triggered a brief federal closure of airspace. It's now back reopened and that's according to Reuters news agency from just 5 hour's ago which was posted on it's own website. You can find out more information about this UFO event and other UFO event's on their site because Reuters news agency actually are the main news and media outlet which other news outlets look to and go to for clarification on pretty much everything.

The extraordinary video, it's a historical important video, a world first video announcement by a Canadian Minister of National Defence. Anita Anand was addressing the world (not just Canadian's) that an Unidentified Flying Object has been tracked, taken down and will be recovered.

Here's the extraordinary video which has now been moved above, top.

Aliens and the word "surveillance" it's so easy to come to the conclusion that it's Extraterrestrial craft's.

There's been 3 in 2 weeks with the first one definitely been a Chinese spy balloon. But the 2 recently taken down UFOs could be anything? They don't have to be Aliens, they quite easily could belong to an as yet unknown person or group of persons (okay that's already been ruled out for the 2nd UFO taken down over Alaska).

Let's just take a second to think about it with common sense attached to it. The US Government did say that it doesn't belong to commercial or private entities refering to the Alaska UFO recently taken down. Check out this CNN post, it's enlightening!

All I'm saying is that these UFOs that hundreds of thousands (million's now) of people have been seeing unfold around the world must be shown on TV to the world, we need to know the truth because these UFOs are everyone's, they belong to the planet not just one government! If they are Extraterrestrial craft's, they now belong to the people of the world, they are public property.

It is my determination that we're dealing with something definitely intelligently made here as this has all the hallmarks of a UFO trying to hide in plain sight? With no visible propulsion system or visible means to keep it flying around and to get to that height, which apparently interfered with the jet's instrument's that means that it's got to be intelligently created. It is fascinating.

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Credit: Reuters/ABC News (Australia) YouTube Channel/Twitter/CNN News/UFO/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Ufo Footage/Canva.


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  1. Do you think this has anything to do with the people that have gone missing here without trace? As daft as it sounds it may be feasible.

  2. Ah…. Where did you get your info that it was a cylinder or that it was silver?

  3. Given the advances in CGI and special effects I’m not sure I would trust anything that I had not seen with my naked eye and even then I would need convincing. Sounds like a massive distraction to me. And how come suddenly after all these years they are admitting incursions into national airspace by unidentified objects, and admitting they dont know what they are instead of trying to play it down by saying it’s a weather balloon like in the past. Suddenly they are not weather balloons? I’m not saying there is no such thing as intergalactic visitors, but as usual it’s shoot first ask questions later possibly sparking off an intergalactic war never mind World War 3? Then there’s the “Alien Invasion Agenda” to get people to beg for a one world government to protect earth in its hour of need, when other schemes to get us to accept a one world government have failed - as in Pandemic, world War 3, by the UN in Agenda 25/30. 🧐

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