UFO Sighting Over Arizona State February 2023

There's a lot of UFO activity recently and I think we're going to be seeing Alien disclosure in 2023. It's February 2023 and we've had 2 already.

It's been a wild week for North America which now includes Canada!

February 2023 UFO sighting over Arizona state.

UFO sighting over Arizona state Feb 2023.

There's a UFO sighting over Arizona state in Feb 2023.

Arizona state UFO sighting, in February 2023. There's a lot of UFO activity this month and we're going to see UFO disclosure.

For the third time in one week, 3 object's have been taken down. Another UFO has been taken down which is absolutely crazy. This is a remarkable feat of cooperation between the United States and Canada, with NORAD scrambling F-22 jets to take down the object.

They took down a cylinder, Canada just announced it now.

Apparently it interfered with one of the F-22 Jet instruments according to CNN live just now on TV at 12:09am Sunday 12th February 2023.

It's been a testing of North American Air Defences is what Col. Cedric Leighton US Air Force (Ret) stated on CNN. They're actually talking about the pilot's not been able to interpret what they're seeing in regards to the propulsion system, which means that it had one or 2 but these trained observer's couldn't identify it...

Is it a propulsion system which we've never seen before?

Are we witnessing a truly remarkable event unfold, possibly a world-wide event of unprecedented possibilities and maybe of the unknown kind but not of Earth.

Ahh, enough with the "wording it correct" it sounds like it's Aliens and it sounds like we're going to be told that 2 UFOs have been recovered that are not of this Earth. Look cast your mind back to UAP disclosure, we know that UFOs are real don't we?

So don't be surprised if this is the next step in that obvious time line. If the US Government released that UFOs are real, it stands to reason that something out there made them?

Just be ready to stay calm.

Is this going to be called the UFO wave of 2023. It's incredible to see the two countries coming together (US and Canada) to take down a UFO which is now 2 in the same week. This is an example of the power of cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

I believe that this is a momentous occasion for North America and the world as one. I think if this is UFOs we can achieve great things by advancing our own technology from theirs.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Like what China does with new western technology. Why pay the expensive research and development costs if someone is going to do it for you, we can literally just step in at the end and make a million UFO craft's. We should all be excited to see what else is in store for us during this UFO wave of 2023.

I'm calling it the UFO wave 0f 2023. The UFO sighting I'm showing in this video has a UFO over Arizona which was apparently caught on camera by Arizona Department Of Environmental Quality on 1st February 2023.

Here's a fantastic video I've put together showing a recent UFO sighting:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.