2 Day's Ago Multiple UFOs Over Norwalk Los Angeles California US

Lot's of UFO activity over California USA just 2 day's ago and this specific multi-UFO sighting, it's straight out of the X files as these are small silver metallic UFOs.

There's to many UFOs to count in this swarm of UFOs.

A close up with the UFO sighting over Norwalk CA on 9th Feb 2023.

These screenshots don't do the UFO sighting justice, but it's filmed in portrait so it's not the best way to film anything.

Let's get straight into the ruling out (the norms) of possible suspect's and the process of kicking out anything that this just cannot be. I'm talking about the most basic types of usual suspects.

Witness statement:

This happened yesterday at 8:29am over Los Angeles Airspace. I live 15 mins from Downtown L.A. in the city of Norwalk, CA, USA.

Lou Kushtello 


They're not drones, I've looked into this video with a fine tooth comb and there's nothing that indicates to me that there's small propeller's, no jerking movements. Nothing has been tampered with that looks like it's a rendering. And most importantly I'd say is that nobody is flying a swarm of drones. It's not trash flying in the air, and it's definitely not balloons.


Let's just speculate for a moment on recent worldwide events and see if there's any similarities on our UFO sighting's? Between what humans can do, versus if it's plausible or possibly that we could be seeing a mirror image effect.

As we've seen recently in the mainstream media, surveillance craft's ie sophisticated integrated balloon systems in cooperation with satellites acting acting as one larger system.

Are these part of a larger or wider group of UFOs working together? Sounds outlandish I know, but if we don't ask, we don't get!

Something tells me that this increased UFO activity or speeding up in sighting's around the world is part of a larger disclosure process and it's not necessarily reflecting the will of the Government! Disclosure might be, being led by this unknown origin which the US Government has referenced a few times in the last week alone.

With one UFO gathering video footage, another gathering the pictures, another gathering the signal's and so on etc. Part of a larger group of UFOs putting us all under surveillance!

Look at what a tiny smartphone can do! It can link up, team up, stream live, wirelessly charge, wirelessly connect to each other "nearby" device. So please do not think that just because a UFO might be tiny, it could have as much if not more capabilities in small UFOs than your device now.

Android is on phones I'd say that are mind blowing. There's no stopping the opgrades, the updates. It's on an endless path. What's down the road in 20byears time? Let's just compare the 2003 mobile cell phone to the mobile cell phone (smartphone) of today.

And we're using supposedly inferior ancient caveman technology compared to Extraterrestrial life! So again, these UFOs not only could be communicating together and working together, they could be being operated by Extraterrestrials from at least 14.6 billion miles away.

Because, we sent out the Voyager 1 and 2 respectively in 1977 and we can still communicate with it, update it's software, turn it, tell it to do a systems health check, video and photograph it's surrounding. We're going to be turning it's camera back on which the NASA engineer's think it'll last another 10 year's.

14.6 billion miles away, in fact it's the only man made object, craft that's left our solar system. It's the furthest away man made thing. And we can still to this day on 1977 technology control it with a laptop!

Nothing's what it seems...

Regards to these UFOs over Norwalk, we're talking about a huge "massive as one piece of technology" maybe? Not definite, but plausible, anything's possible and plausible. Because if they're all acting/working together as one piece of equipment spread out over thousands of miles.

Then it's a case of who is controlling it all? Or taking in the gathered information?

Is that what we're seeing here? Extraterrestrial craft's acting as one large system but able and capable of acting alone, independent from each other?

Acting as a relay, taking video and photos from a specific height, sending them on, relaying them? Did you know at 40,000 feet at that height cameras would be able to get a clearer picture but also create a 3D image can be obtained from them heights which we've seen these crafts at. Balloons believe it or not are still a huge part of gathering information on another country's capabilities. It's the specific area, the very specific testing of certain systems and gathering information on responses in a very specific part of the atmosphere.

This UFO sighting happened next to an airport and signal's are everywhere, to and from regarding what's over that area, or going to be over that area and in it's surroundings basically these could be gathering information? The testing of our surveillance systems to figure out how we react?

Anything is possible, it's freely available thinking about it. And patching up the vulnerabilities.

Witness statement:

Hi, I live in Norwalk CA, USA and yesterday morning Feb 9th, 2023 at 8:29am I captured what appears to be flying objects hovering over Los Angeles Airspace.

We're probably not the first being's to utilise cameras, satellites, radar as I'm saying this as a huge believer in lineages of life, of everything being possible!

If ET life existed (yes), it'd go through a similar evolution.

I mean this; everything possibly goes through evolutionary stages from the beginning with basic systems to well defined and well researched endings. Thing's have a start and get developed over years and later with sophisticated technology integrations incorporating all the latest tech not only available but the technology right now, it's able to upgrade itself!

Life as well.

We see the integration of technology in prosthetic limb's as a basic example. Elon Musk is (within 6 month's) going to putting Nuralink into people's brains to restore the function of speech, then movements. It's not happening yet, but it will.

We more than likely wasn't the first to create such AI systems capable of mimicking most thing's, we won't be the last and it applies to everything! Life itself, it too follows the same pattern (it's in everything, it's in behaviour, it's in nature it's innate.

For me personally, my biggest lineage was called growing up and learning.

Cars go through it, trains went through it, engines, the planet itself was literally just a spec of dust which binded with other dust particles, it was added to, it attracted more and it is what it is today "a fully formed planet from a spec of dust. That's all down to a universal process of lineage or evolutionary processes. It's a real thing. It's probably called and referenced by different names by different people and species. But to think that we're alone in this universe, I'm not sure that people want to believe it?

Everything follows this path, it's inescapable if it's intelligent enough and natural or a combination of both. The end product, is a celebration or an achievement, not an instant.

So, based on that long winded explanation it's a group of UFOs that must have come from somewhere. It's going somewhere too. Why can't the Government just rewind the satellite tapes, lol!

Is it trash blowing in the wind, maybe.

Is it UFOs, definitely.

Is it drones, probably not.

There's absolutely nothing to go off of, there's nothing that say's one way or another definitely that it's this or that. So as much as I'd like to be able to say that it's an Extraterrestrial surveillance station or something else entirely like a dimensional craft, appearing and disappearing. We just can't say for certain exactly what it is.

Everything that anyone says about this UFO sighting is speculating based on his or her's individual knowledge and wisdom and their ability to define, compare and rule in, rule out particular pieces of information. But it's still only just a best guess and it might be flawed, so too my guess might be flawed?

We're trying to get to the answers and that's a good thing.

What we need is a UFO sighting where the witness is able to follow the UFO. Stay with it, talk us through what they're seeing and hearing, their best guesses would be better that way as they're with the UFO in real time. That's only possible by the person who is filming it.

These UFO Orbs have been observed appearing from nowhere, they have even disappeared into thin air. Some think that they're dimensional traveling craft's?

Yes, this has all been caught on camera. And so because they have a time, a place and a date... I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Government has satellites in space, what's the chances that they have secret camera's on these satellites that are capable of filming the Earth and able to have the "tapes" rewound so-to-speak and then we can see where these UFOs are going?

I'm so confident that satellites in space are able to discover where these UFOs are, that I talk about it as a matter of fact. As if it's a given.

This UFO sighting occured Norwalk, CA 9th February 2023 just yesterday morning. Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: @louiethefoolie Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I’ve seen something very similar over LA 4-5 times. Report filed with Mufon.

  2. July 4th 2015 La Mirada in the sky to the east at night, above the fireworks we seen the same thing. Only before they left there was something coming from the bottom that I can best describe looked like liquid fire dripping. Why is this barely now becoming a concern to the media? Crazy they think we’re dumb…

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