2 Flying Disks On Night Vision Camera Turkey 17th Feb 2023

This almost made my eye's fall out as I was turning my head away as this video came into view, I did a mad double take, because it really caught my eye.

Epic double UFO sighting over Turkey one week ago 17th Feb 2023.

2 UFO Disks over Turkey on 17th February 2023.

I mean look at it, it's incredible, we even get a little wobble as it's (left Disk) flying by.

I'm really liking the year 2023 for unfathomable UFO sighting's that literally keep on getting better and better as each day goes by. You must know what I'm talking about unless it's just me taking notice of the UFO situation? I doubt it that I'm the only one who's noticed a large spike in UFO sighting's that people are willing to report?

I think that's the key identifying piece of information, that people are more willing now than ever before in history to report a UFO sighting. Usually people just kept it as a trophy like video and instead of reporting it, they'd just keep the video on their cell phones until it ended up deleted. Yes people might show it to a few friends every now and again. But that would only happen if they've passed the test?

It's the "will they make fun of me test" that people go through without thinking probably?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

It's a good assessment because I've been in this same situation myself. I've never actually filmed a UFO but wow, I've written about UFOs for a very long time so yes, I've been in that same situation of working it out if my friend will laugh at me, as I want the people I care about to know what's going on, to be more informed and yes just to know what is going on in the world besides what the TV tells us is happening.

This is incredible footage from a night vision camera showing a duo, a couplet, "his and hers" UFO set. For there to be 2 white (they look white) they could actually be any light colour as it's filmed in night vision.

The video was filmed over Turkey on the 17th February 2023 which was just last Friday. There's been a spike in UFO sighting's around the world. I'm looking at other UFO researcher's around the world and it's all the same, everyone's posting excellent UFO videos sent in by the public because (like I've said) because people are willing to report UFOs now.

Ufo Sighting - Turkey.

Unidentified Flying Objects over Maltepe/İstanbul in Türkiye ~ 17.02.2022.

Here's the extraordinary video:

Exquisite, light, textured with a feint whiff of night vision. That's how I'd call this if it was edible, lol.

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Credit: @ufo1907/@sevimli_ufoloji_.


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  1. Wow, that’s really weird, when the earthquake happened in turkey the thought popped in my mind. I wonder if the UFOs had anything to do with it

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