White Cylindrical Shape UFO South Carolina 13th Feb 2023

This UFO looks like a rocket, but it's most certainly not a rocket at all, there's no sound whatsoever. The USA doesn't have missile's flying over their territory!

Cylinder shape UFO sighting over South Carolina USA.

Close up of the rocket like UFO sighting over North Carolina USA 13th Feb 2023.

So, just what is this, it looks man made, is this what the Air Force jet's have been taking down by the US Military Jet's, "Sidewinder mallet's of joy" because it fits the bill to a tee.

It's not a Remote Control rocket using a scale model jet engine as again we'd definitely hear that horrible thing a mile off!

Witness statement:

It was February 13th 2023.

I was just relaxing by the creek in my back yard! I live in the most north western point of North Carolina. "Do not want to give exact location because it’s my home" I was relaxing and I saw that thing up in the sky… It was first reaction to just record it because of everything else I’ve seen on social media recently. I thought it could of been a UFO!! I showed the clip to friends and family. Not one of them think it’s a plane. They all know me very well also. They were just confused!


So, what the hell is this and more to the point, what's it doing in the middle of the sky, in the middle of nowhere? I've got to admit that this isn't a usual looking UFO because normally there's very little definition if any at all?

Could this be what has been getting shot down?

It's a white cylindrical shape UFO - object or even craft, it's definitely something that's flying in the sky so I suppose all three of the latter apply to this. I'm seeing what really does look like a rocket thruster at the (I'm calling it) the bottom of the UFO. Who knows which end is which because it's not identified we have to speculate on which way is up on this thing?

What it's definitely not.

I like it because it's different, it's not an Orb which I'll be honest guy's, Orbs are 50 to the dozen, there's so many that it's not possible that these aren't showing up on the radar's.

Fancy the US military not having their instruments calibrated to detect slow moving object's. What a special kind of blunder that was and I'll tell you why that's a special kind of blunder!

These object's have been exploiting this loophole for year's according to high ranking US Government officials. For years! Let that just sink in.

Officially, they've updated the instruments which monitor the skies and pretty much the atmosphere over North America.

They obviously didn't know that they was there, otherwise They'd have shot them down before or at least they'd have been able to tell investigators if a UFO was in a specific place.

Will we have real disclosure.

So, it tells me that again the spy agencies aren't communicating with each other. Because one say's that these have been in the skies for years. The other says it can only just detect them now because their instruments are taking into account slow moving object's.

Which is it?

You didn't know, hence the new upgrades or you did know (for years) and you've only just started to shoot them down? This is a classic case of either the agencies like the Pentagon and the CIA or Congress including the Senate (either one or just a few or all of them) not telling the truth to the public? These agencies aren't communicating again, which we know exactly what happens when the agencies do not communicate with each other, God forbid anything else happens through sheer ego's and clichés.

It could also be a case that there's to much disinformation mixed in with the real information that even they can't remember what is the truth? It does seem like there's a lot of people wanting to tell the truth and be accountable with transparency but also in equal parts there's people who want the public to know nothing!

Does it really boil down to what they're supposed to say and what they're not to say and all that versus what they want to really say, but they can't!

Either way, the US Government officials have given out some very interesting, extraordinary and bizarre (confusing) information in the last 2 weeks.

Did you know.

According to a US Air Force Fact Sheet, a total of 12,618 sightings were reported to Project Blue Book and during this time period of those, 701 remained "Unidentified." The project - once headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio - officially ended in 1969.


Get it together, or should I say stop lying and tell the truth agencies! This is why it sounds contradictory because they're not telling the truth (probably). They're obviously witholding classified information which is all well and good, but we're big enough to know the truth. With the world as it is, the state it's in, it will go down well. People will accept it and see it as the Government is actually working for the people and not just their own interests. The world will move on after disclosure. It's acceptable news, Extraterrestrial entities existing probably isn't that big of a deal.

Lol, it's huge!

People's reaction's to the 3 UFOs.

Everyone was calm when the 3 UFOs where shot down wasn't they. We can handle the truth so get them object's recovered (they probably already are) and put them on TV and show us the recovered tinfoil like Roswell. Sorry, I couldn't resist it. Also while your at it, so we know it's the 3 object's, show us the 3 Air Force jet's videos. These jet's all have videos of their flight's!

Here's the extraordinary video which shows us a white looking cylindrical UFO:


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Credit: AR/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Too bad you didn’t catch it being shot down. Just to put it to rest.

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