Triangular Shaped UFO With Lot's Of Light's Underneath It

Some UFO sighting's are epic and they fall into a rare catagory of "real probability" of it being a bona-fide genuine UFO.

That's awesome and we love them type of UFO videos but then there's the "jaw dropping epic" catagory which is on a different level all together and that's what this one is.

Chile UFO sighting of a larger group of UFOs shaped as a triangle over Chile 2020.

A close up look at the large triangular shaped UFO over Chile.

The witness is adamant that it's a triangular shaped UFO with the light's on the craft, it reminds me of the Phoenix light's incident.

The small light's flashing are definitely bothering me because we normally associate these type or kinds of light's on aircraft's. But, I'm sure that a light turning on and off rapidly isn't a uniquely human trait..

Open minded to a fault.

I could be wrong, but am I being open minded to much but we must take into account it's like saying the shape of a circle is unique to humans or that the colour grey is only found on Earth. It does sound a bit absurd when we actually look at the probabilities of light's flashing can only be found on Earth and this "phenomena, lol" doesn't exist elsewhere in the universe.

Triangular UFO seems to change shape.

The fact that these do seem to change their shape 3 quarters of the way through the video, also we need to take into account the witness statement who was there filming this and didn't have the glare problems like in the video. They had a HD view as it passed their apartment window.

Shock and awe.

The ladies voice is one of shock and awe! She's freaking out because of what she can see! In fact that's a bit of an understatement she has freaked out! That's because she can see a triangle shaped craft with light's underneath it. It's like nothing at that we humans have in our possession. Our Air Force's don't use these, our coast guard doesn't have any such aircraft's. Is it a swarm of drones possibly?

Eye witness statement.

Great Triangular Ship In Chile March 2020.

Ufologia Colombia  

Okay it's not a long statement but it's definitely better than nothing and considering that we get the year, the place and the shape of the UFO that's a great thing. On another level, this video that shows a large triangular ship that passes slowly, at low altitude, in the middle of the city, leaving the woman recording the event in a state of shock, without a doubt one of the best videos recorded this year.

My final thoughts.

Because we wasn't there and we didn't see it for ourselves we can't take into the atmosphere or seeing it in proper definition. The UFO sighting from start to finish is hard to dismiss regardless of the light's flashing. I think if we could see it more clearer and for ourselves we'd know one way or another about it's shape, it's size and what direction it ended up going in? 

Where did it come from?

In a perfect world we'd already have a full in-depth analysis of where it came from. We'd already have a satellite image and a satellite video showing us all just exactly where it came from. Satellites are most certainly looking down at the Earth as well as looking outwards into deep space. They're also recording constantly and these cameras are recording in different parts of the spectrum. They're also high definition cameras which if we could have a time and a date we could rewing the video(s).

Here's the absolutely stunning UFO sighting video as caught by the eye witness:


If bizarre was an Olympic event this would take gold for every event it entered into.

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Credit: Ufologia Colombia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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