3 Military Jet's Chasing Silver UAP 2023 It Then Disappears

Here we go guy's this is a very good video showing a silver UFO Orb which is being chased by jet's and it looks like it's outpacing them.

Amazing UAP object been chased by military jet's in 2023.

Close up look at UFO orb chased by jet's in 2023.

Screenshot of the silver UFO Orb been chased by fighter Jet's in 2023.

3 jet's are filmed chasing a UFO.

It seems almost bizarre to say it out loud but that's exactly what we are seeing here. It's definitely out of the ordinary and even the US Air Force doesn't have any such training instruments that can be this small and this fast.

What are we actually seeing?

So, what seems to be going on then if we're "not" witnessing a training session? Something stinks about this because we've not been informed that this is going on above our very head's! The US Government gave us UAP disclosure, how long is it going to last? It seems that this is a genuine UAP video, it really does look real. Did you know that the US military (Air Force) recently lost a Sidewinder missile when the pilot's shot at the Lake Huron UFO and totally missed.

Oh, but don't worry about it, they tracked it all the way down to the water. Job well done buddy, back to base for tea and medal's.

No, absolutely not a job well done because how the hell does a Sidewinder missile miss it's target from close range? That UFO "must have been able to avoid it?" Or... are they saying that possibly 50% of Sidewinder missile's are defective? Okay that's an extreme analysis of the event but that's exactly what happened. 2 missile's was shot, 1 missile missed and the other hit. I don't buy it that a pilot missed it!

Sidewinder missile's are self guided, shoot and leave it is what they say about that type of missile. Shoot it and forget it. "The infrared seeker also permits the pilot to launch the missile, then leave the area or take evasive action while the missile guides itself to the target." That's what the website Air Force say's about this unit.

But, for me personally I think that the plot thickens with this small piece of information:

Sidewinder missile.

The missile's main components are an infrared homing guidance section, an active optical target detector, a high-explosive warhead and a rocket motor. The infrared guidance head enables the missile to home in on target aircraft engine exhaust.

Air Force  

But we know that the pilot's couldn't see any visible means of propulsion systems? My understanding of the reason for them using this type of missile system is because the UAP objects can disappear into the Infrared part of the spectrum. Just in case these also disappeared at least it would still lock onto it? They (UAPs) look as if they've disappeared, but they're actually still there, they just have a cloaking technology activated.

UAP technology.

That's why all of the 3 UAP videos (Go-Fast, Gimbal and Flir-1) are in black and white. They could only be seen in Infrared and filmed. The UAPs activated their stealth technology and that's why the Sidewinder missile was probably used, as even if the object's activated their "disappearing act" by literally going into the Infrared, the missile's could still hit their target's.

Oh, you best believe that this is a good assessment of this UFO activity. Everything I've just written fall's within plausibility and possibility.

Guy's I genuinely believe that this is a highly likely scenario of what we're seeing here! When the Orb-ish looking UFOs disappear, they're actually in the Infrared part of the spectrum and as such that's why a Sidewinder missile was used because even though it was created to lock onto an heat source ie other jet's exhausts. We already know that these UFOs didn't have any visible means of propulsion.

Is it a UAP Tic Tac object?

So, you'd clearly think that a Sidewinder missile would be the last thing that is used without a heat signature to lock onto. But, if this is a UAP Tic Tac object it then becomes the best missile for the job because that lock's onto anything which emits infrared signatures or even "actual object's hiding within the Infrared spectrum!" Just lika a UAP does.

Timeline of UFO event.

These 3 Jet's chasing this UAP object actually lose their target in the end. One jet peels off and flies away to start off with. The other 2 jet's stay on the target but then the 2nd jet also peels off. Then it's just down to the one Jet chasing the UAP and in the end that to loses it.

Information about this UFO sighting.

There's no information with this UFO sighting, but it doesn't matter whatsoever because it's the video content and what we officially know now that really matters. This is what happens when information is released about UFO sighting's later on after the fact because we're able to then go back through history (and recently) and look at UFO event's with a totally new perspective. A more informed perspective and that's so revealing.

Here's the UAP video.

Guy's, the actual video description states that this UFO is being chased by 2 jet's in 2023. But there's a definite Jet at the beginning of the video and 2 others chasing the UFO. That makes 3 jet's.

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Credit: Air Force/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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