UFO Craft Over Philadelphia Airport PA USA Feb 2023

This is a fantastic video showing a red craft (UFO) sighting that took place right near to Philadelphia Airport, PA, USA.

A clearly visible craft over Philadelphia Airport 8th Feb 2023.

This is a clear craft of unknown origins over Philadelphia Airport in the USA 2023.

The above images are screenshots from the actual video from just near Philadelphia Airport in the USA.

It's really only just happened in the past couple of weeks taking part in coming to Earth along with all it's brother UFOs.

Huge increase in UFO sighting's.

As your already aware, there's been a huge spike in UFO sighting's right across the world North America, Italy, Argentina and China. It's gone from a trickle of weeky UFO report's to a large influx of UFO sighting's every single day.

Please report your UFO sighting.

If you haven't already you should check out my Instagram page where I post every day some of the most bizarre "as they happened" UFO sighting's. That's where I post the videos when they are snt to me, it's pretty much as soon as the UFO sighting happens, people send me the report and I show the world. It's actually an awesome protocol as we're all doing our bit for UFO and UAP disclosure.

@ufosightingsfootage is my Instagram handle, I'll link straight from here to there so you can go and check out the 2,434 post's that I've uploaded up till now 22nd February 2023.

What's going on with UFO disclosure?

Is there a direct correlation between the 3 UFOs shot down and people reporting UFO sighting's? I only ask because I was thinking that these UFO sighting's of late might have given people that push to report their own UFO sighting?

Also, are people looking up in the sky more because of the Alaska, South Carolina and the Lake Huron UFO sighting's? It's a good theory and to be honest if people are looking up at the sky more then people are taking more of an interest in nature, their surroundings and that's got to be a good thing. In fact it's gotta be a great thing.

Witness statement.

Here's the eye witness statement from himself:

Time: 9:12pm.

Place: Near Philadelphia Pa airport.

Date: February 8th 2023.

I saw a bright light in the night sky that was moving slowly from a distance. I study the night stars from my house and I knew it wasn’t one of the planets and it wasn’t Sirius. I also compared it to airplanes because I live near the Philadelphia Pa International Airport.

Kornell Combs- Philadelphia Pa 

So, we have an avid sky watcher which I think makes this information way more likely to be reliable and because he clearly knows the difference between stars and airplanes, the planet's and unusual object's in the sky. Because this one in particular really doesn't conform to any normal aerial vehicles, it's caught his attention. It's just that more reliable than most UFO sighting's in my own personal opinion. People are clued-up nowadays and did you know that we have access to (and use) more information on a daily basis now than ever before the equivalent of? Okay, I hope this blow's your mind because check this out I've just looked up:

For context, In order to understand one person speaking to us, we need 60 bps in order to process. To (barely) understand two people, we need at least 120 bps. Scientists found that an average person today can process as much as 74 gigabytes (GB) of data a day.


Even if we go back to 2011, American's take in 5 time's more information daily than in 1986. As the year's go by we're all using and taking in more and more information. Why am I going down this route of thinking? Because there's a direct translation between the more educated we become the more inclined we are to believe that Extraterrestrials must exist in space.

We're becoming more wiser.

This goes right against what "older generations thought" which proves a few things to me. It proves that we as humans are becoming more open minded and as a species were growing up.

People are more informed, actually people are very intelligent compared to just 30 years ago. People are more aware than ever and so if an unusual looking object for instance, or an odd looking craft should show up out of seemingly nowhere, it's going to invoke our innate curiosity and it's definitely gonna be filmed. Any light, Orb, object, cylindrical shape or other shaped UFO in the night time sky, is definitely going to arouse suspicion!

Just like it has had an impact clearly on this eye witness, enough for him to send me (and possibly other's) this incredible UFO sighting.

This is the epic video footage from near the Philadelphia airport in the US:


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Credit: Kornell Combs- Philadelphia Pa/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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