3 UFOs Caught Following Airplane Possibly Filmed From The ISS

This UFO sighting looks not only real, it looks like it could be one of the best examples of a triple UFO sighting filmed from the ISS.

This is been filmed by an astronaut from the ISS window.

This is the first time potentially, that I've seen a UFO being filmed by an astronaut from the ISS window.

Not all UFOs are Aliens, let's just get that out there straight away, but this definitely looks like silver metallic UFO spheres.

It's filmed from high up no matter what, it definitely doesn't look like it's filmed from an another airplane window, it looks like the ISS.

We've been seeing these types of UFOs everywhere (silver UFO spheres) and that could indicate that they're man made because of how many there are or they're part of the large formation of UFOs that flew past the ISS, here's the link.

It's a huge misconception that all UFOs are Alien's and you'd be forgiven for thinking that because UFOs have traditionally gone hand in hand with Alien's.

Most references on TV shows and in the movies and on the radio believe it or not, have played a major role in shaping the beliefs and connection people make between UFOs and Alien's. It's as straight forward as that.

Undoing it takes effort and understanding, and that's even if your bothered to. Because after UFOs comes a whole host of other "misconceptions" about many different conspiracies.

Some people would say it's been a deliberate attempt to throw people off the secret technology programs that are in operation around the world? Some would even argue that secret programs have been created in the past aimed at shaping people's opinions! It's not a hard thing to do especially if you own outright all the media outlets around the world. Which has certainly happened in the past, shows you how "top stories" or "live from" media reports can literally make you believe in whatever they want you to believe in.

Including hidden agendas, smear campaigns and false narratives on every subject that you can think of. It's called fake news now but year's ago people at least narrowed it down, it's just all grouped together now as fake news.

The thing is even though everyone has a cell phone with a browser, it's not really solved anything because again the top media giant's are all owned by a couple of people. Them browser's are just a quicker way for opinions to get to you. All of them, which if you know about Ufology's early beginnings then you'll know that it was the worst thing to have beliefs around UFOs.

We now know better because people get older, certain individuals retire from owning and running the world. New "more liberal" owners have changed everything on it's head and we now know that UFOs are real. Albeit it's now called UAPs but I can live with it.

Yes, there's definitely strange stuff happening in the world without a doubt. I'm starting to believe more and more that we're just imitating the recovered UFO technology. We're faking UFOs ourselves with reverse engineered craft's.

If we're reverse engineering crashed UFOs from say, the Roswell UFO incident then we're just imitating another species technological wonders.

We will (probably already have) become a cheap knock off.

The planet Earth's advanced aerial technology is a cheap knock off.

The ISS live feed cameras catch UFOs all the time, how many times do you think NASA has looked into any of these anomalies even knowing that UFOs are real? None! That's none that I know of that have been caught on the ISS live feed and NASA has investigated it. They turn off the camera when a UFO turns up. They turn it on when it's gone and they don't mention it.

The UFOs that have been flying around in our atmosphere for a very, very long time with some crashing, some landing, some hiding or other and some have even been recovered and then disassembled. We then created components based off of the UFO technology and a limited number of craft's will be recreated and integrated from this.

Obviously not all of the components can be recreated (that's my understanding) but definitely some part's are created and used. New elements aren't just created or developed over night. Or ever come to think about it.

Research knowledge as much as you can. you'll be able to say more, with less.

Even that was long winded.

But, you better believe that only comes with learning and understanding and there's absolutely no other way to get there. There's no pill (unfortunately) red or blue. It's simply open minded learning of many different subjects.

You'll never be or get there, but you'll know your close and on your way there. That's maybe all you'll experience and that's just fine.

This UFO, craft, over engineered surveillance station is probably real.

Enjoy the video:

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Credit: LUFOS Twitter/UFO_life_ Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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