UFO Sphere Hovers While Helicopters Ignore It Over Capital Monument

There's nothing like a good UFO sighting to blow cobwebs off the pen, but in this case it's the PC.

This UFO sphere is silver in colour and it's stopped motionless in the middle of the air just hovering on the spot and these obviously Government helicopters just ignored it.

Helicopter over Washington monument flies next to sphere UFO.

The Washington DC Monument sphere UFO next to helicopters.

The helicopter pilots must be able to see this silver metallic UFO hovering right next to the Washington monument.

It's "possibly a military helicopter" I'll just point that out. Is this metallic craft observing the helicopters movement's perhaps? I only say that because I'm staunchly all for humanity not these UFOs possibly surveying our Government! Seriously there's many examples of what looks like these UFO Orbs or spheres if you like, observing the world's Government's and that by extension is putting everyone under surveillance, not cool.

But it's being totally ignored by the pilot's which is stranger than wearing 2 left shoes if you ask me (which nobody ever does). Unless they (the helicopter pilot's) can't see it but don't forget that these are trained observer's and the Washington monument is right next to it and the monument is a hazard which the pilot's would have to keep an eye on.

So they must have seen it?

They would almost certainly have checked it out but they didn't, I only say that because we have ample UFO videos as example's of police helicopters and military helicopters checking out UFOs, especially the UFO spheres!

Why not this one...

In fact, that's actually a good pattern. Humans alway's and usually without any knowledge of doing this, but we are creature's of habit. It's actually true because looking back on a lot of helicopter with UFO sighting's it's either police or the military (who else could it be) but the UFOs have alway's been round, metallic looking and spheres are very dominant in this scenario.

But let's be honest, if UFOs are ever wheeled out strapped to a large stage, at an unknown location but for the world's cameras, you can almost guarantee that it will be a sphere shape!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

There's my basic and obvious prediction and guy's, it's not fancy, it's very basic, it's pretty much as I'd expect it to look. It'd be something along the lines of how the new stealth B21-Raider just recently was literally wheeled out. Maybe without any dramatic light's or fog machines but it's either that or photo's of one in an unknown place just like the tinfoil weather balloon after Roswell.

The obvious answer is usually not far off the mark in any given similar circumstances, but not all.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

This is how new cars or the new iPhone are announced to the world. Even a concept Tesla is wheeled out like a trophy.

Realistically speaking but not pinning it down yet, guy's that UFO is either an advertisement balloon or a drone or a balloon that's just got away from a child?

Like I've said, it's usually the obvious or a variable of that which we can't rule out but equally we can not rule out Extraterrestrial origin because of all the disclosure recently with UAPs and pilot's testimonies including astronaut testimonials and the actual statements that they've given publicly.

Then there's the gate-keepers themselves! I'm referring of course to the high ranking statesmen in the G8 coubtries like Canada's Paul Hellyer just as one example of the highest ranking member's of the G8, G7, NATO member's amongst others.

I'm not sure what to make of this one but it's definitely interesting because of the helicopters passing by at the exact same moment when it's caught on camera just hovering there. It's also hovering and don't forget in the capital of the US which is Washington DC.

Right near Crystal City it says on one of the traffic signs at the beginning of the video. Even I know that going by the large Obelist type Monument it's Washington DC USA. I also know that you can't fly drobes there at all because of the close proximity to all the Government building's etc.

I've just checked it out on the USCP website and it's not just specific to drones as the uscp website states quite a lot of regulation's regarding most if not all remotely controlled item's. In fact here's a quick quote:

Federal law prohibits flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems, such as drones, anywhere in the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Capitol Grounds are designated as a NO DRONE ZONE.

So that can't be a drone!

People can go to prison and get fined so that, I suppose rules out this been a drone doesn't it especially when there's helicopter's just meters away from the UFO. I think that covers the entire spectrum of any aerial object's because of the helicopters passing by, nobody in their right mind would be flying a drone in restricted airspace when these Government helicopters are flying around.

So that only leaves the unknown really which by it's very nature means that it's a UFO. This is a bona-fide genuine UFO sighting.

If it's not a UFO and it's a graphic that was generated or created in Photoshop (or whichever rendering software people are choosing) but if it turns out that this is a UFO, then it's absolutely amazing.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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