Black Doughnut Shape UFO Dietikon, Zurich 25th Jan 2023

Here's a strange UFO sighting from over Dietikon, Zurich while the witness and his girlfriend was waiting for the bus.

The video starts off with the witnesses girlfriend stating "woah, Star Wars" which is a great thing to say I must admit that was a great way to start the video and in this day and age, anything and everything is definitely possible!

UFO sighting over Dietikon, Zurich on the 25/01/2023.

It's a strange black doughnut shape UFO and it seems to fly off really fast right at the end of the video.

We've had so much UFO disclosure in the last 6 year's than all history combined! I'm talking about public UFO disclosure, not including the privately held beliefs or knowledge that isn't widely available.

Lot's of people have bits of information here and there about uncles working on top secret technology or aunties that worked at such and such place which was a subsidiary of NASA or DARPA etc. I'm talking about the public history of Ufology, the past 6 year's alone has given the world so much information that I for one thought we'd never get!

UAP disclosure for starters, UAP videos of UFOs being acknowledged by the US Government for heaven's sake. Then the recent UFOs being shot down. We recovered the Chinese balloon but the 3 UFOs after that all mysterious bad weather and they've still not said they're going to get them even though the Cylinder shape UFO was shot down onto frozen ice!

Guy's, I promise you that nobody could make that up and have it published as a book because it's to improbable that it'd happen. But yet it definitely happened and you can also bet your bottom dollar that these 3 UFOs that got shot down are going to be covered up.

But, it happened and the Cat's literally out of the bag. It's more accepted now that Extraterrestrials are real than at any time in history. I don't know if it's true, but it feels true, so it's true... To me!


Oh I wish I had a friend at the White House I'd be harrasing his or her cell phone for details and I'd be asking for the coordinates of the UFO over Canada, the Cylindrical shaped UFO which Anita Anand was addressing the world about. It's strange how easy they can get people excited about shooting a UFO down only to pull the rug out from under you in a flash. It's borderline cruel.

This video shows us a great UFO sighting.

Witness statement:

While I was on my way to work and waiting for my bus my girlfriend noticed a interesting UFO in the sky.

Normaly we could notice a plane from that distance but this was something different.

It was moving slow and fast. So I thought it‘s a ballon but the problem is it can‘t be one bcs it was like a donut and black. And it had to be a big ballon but lets be realistic, there are no black donut shaped ballon that is that big.

And it had a hole in the middle and could fly in his own speed and was very high in the sky.


- very high.

- like a donut shape (middle is empty).

- black (dark grey).

- own speed.

My Iphone 11 pro max couldn‘t get a clean shot but I hope it can help.

Greetings from Zurich, switzerland.

Sighting: Dietikon, Zurich, Switzerland.

Here's the fantastic video showing the black doughnut shape UFO:

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Credit: Onur IIhan/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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