The Simpsons Has More 2023 Predictions And It's Not Good

Here's the Simpsons releasing yet more predictions or truth bombs as historically they turn out to be uncannily accurate.

The Simpsons is avery long running animation series which started in the US and has been running mainstream since the 2nd September 1990.

The Simpsons predictions for 2023.

Can you handle knowing that the future is "possibly contained within the video" because we know that The Simpsons does predict the future correctly.

It actually started out 3 year's prior to this in 1987 on the Tracey Ullman show but it wasn't in the form that we know and love today, oh no it's actually come full circle almost imitating the The Itchy and Scratchy show in the process which is a cartoon short actually within the The Simpsons universe itself.

It was created by Matt Groening and has over the many series and years, it has featured everyone who is anyone in the world. But also probably unbeknownst to the world, The Simpsons was actually dropping off tidbits of information here and there which actually started to materialize or even manifest I'd say.

Some people (me included) actually think that just because it's channelled through The Simpsons that it's this which steer's mankind in that direction and their is proof of this which in itself is undeniable.

They (The Simpsons) did it first, it appeared on the Simpsons first is what I mean, then it happened. So it begs the question did that manifest itself through or from that? Over and over again The Simpsons has consistently notched up very successful predictions right down to the place, the position, the theme and the person.

Of course I'm referring to the Trump escalator event. But note, the Trump hand on the glowing globe was a hoax. That's actually a hoax. Read here for that.

But don't worry about anything as yes, there's ample proof of The Simpsons being able to get the future weirdly specific.

There's just no other way to argue that The Simpsons is a joke or that's it's a fluke and it's just an uncanny event or ability by the writers! Once maybe, or twice yes sure but guy's there's people making videos of "The Top 15 Time's The Simpsons Predicted The Future" that's a whopping 15 times! I'm sure there'll be more if we looked at it frame by frame?

How does The Simpsons manage to predict the future so eerily correct.

The Simpsons feature's a very dysfunctional family called (you guessed it) The Simpsons. There's Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa not forgetting Maggie. There's many other legendary figures in the cartoon but too many to mention.

They're arguably America's most lovable family even if they are dysfunctional and stereotyped as an all round American family which I can assure you that they are not! In fact I'd go as far as to say that The Simpsons are the total opposite to any American family, maybe. They're possibly (or arguably) the most recognised family in the world by any stretch of the imagination considering that...


The show is dubbed into 15 languages and subtitled into 27; the movie was dubbed in 31 languages. In movie theaters, Marge, Homer and the clan can be heard speaking Dutch, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Greek for the first time.

LA Times 

It never fails to amaze me when the Simpsons get yet another incredible prediction correct!

People are asking more and more about who writes this stuff, yet we know obviously by the credits like the story editor Daniel Chun or Louis Jaffe script supervisor. These are all connected to the actual script which dictates what is in the episodes.

Without the script there is no layout and no script there's nowhere to go, right. It'd still be a hit if we could take away the speaking parts but it's the script that defines the show.

Guy's, you can't make this stuff up...

Does that really apply to this because they've hit the nail on the head so many, many times and in freakishly or eerily similar (sometimes exact) depictions of a future event. Take the best example as far as I'm concerned is the Trump coming the escalator and the same exact scenario playing out years later!

People are genuinely asking if the writers are time travellers or related to Nostradamus?

The site Collider actually starts off with that very same "question" or is it an answer? Even if we could know would we want it to be revealed because if so, however it's done (but it is) however they make these predictions either using chicken bones and trance like states, would we want the magic to stop? Because I fear that if the Cat's let out of the bag it'd stop!

If we knew how they do it, the predictions would dry up and there'd be no more proof that A, this is a simulation. B, there's a way to see the future. C, everything's not what you thought it was.

I genuinely don't know how they do it, but it's been repeated over and over again which according to science is the way to actually determine fact's! So, can the Simpsons predict the future? Yes.

That's not my opinion, that's not my biased opinion and that's definitely not me taking it too far in terms of "it's just a cartoon stop taking it too seriously."

Because it is what it is, it's repeatedly been showing us glimpses of the future on a very, very specific basis. In fact it's not even funny or a nervous laugh funny anymore and I'll tell you why.

It's gone dark, very dark to the point of this - if any "one thing" comes true from the video I've just been watching then guy's it's going to be a truly horrifying future near. It's so disturbing and mind boggling that these (hopefully wrong) truth bombs are apocalyptic and catastrophe laden.

Here's the video showing The Simpsons predictions for the year 2023:

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Credit: LA Times/Collider/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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