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We already knew that UFOs are real and that they are here, but there are still millions of people that don't know.

Scott Bray showed this new UFO sighting that was caught on the pilot's camera which was only recorded in 2021 but shown in 2022 on May 17th at a House Subcommittee Hearing. He also went on to say that the Government has received 400 UAP reports up till that day which was the 17th of May 2022.

Silver Metallic UFO was filmed flying past a US Navy Jet in 2022.

File Navy image: US. Naval aviator encounter with an unknown object in a fleeting pass. This image is a screen capture of the UAP observed in a video of the flyby captured by the pilot in the cockpit of a Navy fighter jet.



This UFO only happened in 2021.

UAPs are a potential national security threat and they need to be treated that way says Mr Carson at the beginning of the House Intelligence Subcommittee Hearing.

The US Government has a system in place whereby the UFO reports are put into 5 categories which are; airborne clutter, natural atmosphere phenomena, US government or US industry developmental programmes, foreign adversary systems, or an "other bin" that allows for a holding of difficult cases and the possibility of potential scientific discovery.

I didn't believe it myself because I thought that everyone knew and saw the UAP disclosure videos but no, not everyone did see them.

This video is probably one of the best examples (if not the best) of what military pilot's around the world have been seeing for years. Can you imagine how many UFOs have been filmed and covered up?

The example here in the video shows us an object which is now declassified and released, but how many other UFO videos are there?

So if we widen the net to say 40 years and take the number of UFOs reported since 2004 to the office in charge of investigating UAPs which is 510. Regardless of the UFO sightings reported previously to 2004 beforehand because we don't know if most of them were covered up as 144 seems light. It certainly seems like a huge jump in UAP reports, doesn't it? If the 510 UAP reports is a normal number of UAPs reported or would have been reported then that means there are potentially hundreds of thousands of UAPs constantly being reported.

The office tracking reports of UFOs has added nearly 400 additional sightings to its catalogue over the last year, either because of new sightings or older sightings discovered in existing files, bringing the total number of UFO sightings to over 500.

CBS News  

Louis Elizondo released the videos in 2017 and in 2020 the Pentagon acknowledged that they were real. Oh, you better believe that he was right all along. The thing is if you want to figure out who's actively involved in dismissing real UFO sightings... You have a 3-year window of "the active cover-up" to go through and spot them!

These individuals probably never in their wildest dreams thought the Pentagon would do a U-turn and acknowledge these UFO videos and say that they're all real.

There's a very real 3-year window of information that we can look back on and see who's saying what and who consistently keeps on dismissing, smearing and ridiculing anyone in a position to further advance these UAP videos and claims that these UFO vids were real.

Why are they here?

These UFOs (including UAPs) have been here for a long time. But just how long have they been here and for what? That's probably the most important question of all, why are they here?

Are we under surveillance and for what reason, are we a threat on our current course ie now that we're going into space and have ambitions to colonize the Moon and Mars? It's probably this because otherwise, we don't pose any threat if we are on this planet only.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this video then please share your thoughts in the comments section below, cheers.

Credit: Gen Medium/CBS News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Spotted silver sphere pass the window I was in several floors up. No way it was published technology.

  2. Please .... please! Can someone take ONE photo, IN FOCUS, of a UFO?

  3. The truth is out. Their! Xfiles!

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