Unusual UFO Changing Shape Constantly

Here's yet another incredible UFO sighting and it's different to everything in recent weeks it's a Y-shaped UFO changing shape.

Bizarre looking UFO constantly changing it's shape.

This UFO changes from a square to a cylinder shape, to a very strange cylinder shape with antennas. We've never seen anything like this before, if it can create shapes at will then the technology is exotic for sure.

It's been a fantastic rollercoaster of a ride in recent weeks because of the UFO activity over North America, it's rocked the world.

But sadly, Bidens already called off the search publicly for the last 3 objects, how blooming convenient is it that they have called off searching for possible historical events?

What could this UFO be?

The UFO in this video is constantly changing shape and although it stayed the same colour, everything about this is bizarre. How can a solid object change shape, it's also gone from a square shape to a long type of cylinder which is why I know it's not a garbage bag. I did think to start with that this was a white garbage bag.

What are your thoughts on what this UFO could be if it's not a UFO? The closest thing I reckon it can be was a white almost transparent garbage bag.

Shutting down of UFO disclosure.

It was always going to happen if I'm being honest with you. C'mon, what's the realistic chance that they would put an Alien craft on the TV? Virtually zero is the answer to that. We were always going to be let down, it feels like they've done it in such a mean way though. Right at the last hurdle, they fell back into their old ways of cover-ups.

But remember, they haven't shown the 3 separate videos of the 3 UFOs being shot down. They said they were going to recover them. They know where they went down. All of a sudden, all 3 separate places had bad weather. One was a silver cylindrical-shaped cigar. One was an octagon shape, one was the size of a car. The last 3 objects shot down by the US Air Force had no visible means of propulsion systems.

What now for UFO disclosure?

Anyway, it's back to the normal 9 till 5 of researching UFOs instead of them being called IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) which is what I did think might happen for a bit, I genuinely thought that we were going to have true disclosure. But unfortunately, it's not to be.

They know where the objects are, they did say that they'd called off the recovery due to bad weather so they could start it back up once the weather gets better say... Summer time maybe? They really won't have any excuse then, unless they just say "We've widened our search, but unfortunately we can't locate the objects."

Cover up.

See, if you think that calling off the recovery of 3 objects is suspicious, then they have a plan. That plan you'd expect there to be a part 2, part 3, etc until they've got the desired results which is to cover it up.

I'm sick to the back teeth of the blatant liars, they've recovered a balloon, but not UFOs potentially Extraterrestrial in nature.

It stinks to high heaven of a cover-up.

Show us the videos!

We know that they recorded it because it's protocol. So, show us the videos now. It's an easy task unless there's classified stuff on the video which would point to these UFOs being "more than they're letting us know." And yes, I want to know just like a billion other people who want to know, if not 2 billion people or more!

Will we ever get to know what happened?

This string of UFO sightings is rocking the world, is it the end of the UFO invasion of 2023? We're only into February so it's anyone's guess. This is a subject close to a lot of people's hearts. Hopefully, there's someone high up in the US Government that has a change of stance and we at the very least get to see the video footage of the UFOs being shot down.

It sounds too Incredible that an unauthorised intruder (UFO) could be trying to hide its presence with technology, or with some "unknown" stealth technology.

Imagine that for a second, a potential craft trying to hide its technology. No way, how can that even be so? Lol, okay a bit of sarcasm but there you go.

Here's the extraordinary (and I mean extraordinary video which shows something completely new to Ufology.


This video, let me tell you about this video. Arguments galore, is it trash in the wind? Well, the "antenna that seems to grow at the end of the video is what swayed me to believe it's something that we just haven't seen before! What are your thoughts on this?

Here's the extraordinary video of a UFO constantly changing its shape, unfortunately there's no information about this UFO sighting, but that can't stop us from showing it as if it did, more than half of the UFO sightings wouldn't be shown:

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Credit: TheufoGod Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I have screen shots of this video by Naturkultur. They definitely show an image of Christ in Crucifixion.

  2. I was gonna say that definitely in the distant past if and when, which I'm sure they did see something like this and associated it with angels and Christ and god etc. But is it life, alien ship, technology, we don't know

  3. No brainer for a genius is that they control light and also travel using light and of course is why there is no sonic boom ever heard. So we need to know how to contain light meaning it only goes so far and stops dead.

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