29 Palms LA, Flying Disk Just 2 Day's Ago On Back Of Low Loader

This silver metallic Flying Saucer was so close to the driver that he could have touched it if he leaned out his car window.

Silver Disk filmed on the back of a low loader in Los Angeles California 15th Feb 2023.

It's a silver coloured Flying Disk on the back of a low loader in Los Angeles California USA 15th Feb 2023. It's the year of the UFO not the year of the Rabbit.

This has literally just happened 2 day's ago west of LA in 29 Palms and guy's, with everything that has been going on recently, why would the military be moving this type of craft, it doesn't make sense unless...

It's hidden in plain sight! It's definitely military moving this as well because the witness saw them, he observed them, he's also noticed a lot of other strange out of the ordinary things about this day and the day after.

Witness statement:

This was taken on the 15th of February just this month in a place called 29 palms in the desert west of LA. There just so happens to be a marine base a few short miles from here. Gavin Newsom (Govenor) showed up in town the next day. He is the governor of California. Residents reported a sonic boom the night before and strange sporadic electricity loss. 29 palms is right near Joshua tree. This was filmed a few miles from the marine base. The craft seems to have too many police and looks pretty well made.

A great statement.

29 palms is west of LA which there's been a lot of military activity according to the eye witness who's just sent me this along with a great eye witness account on what was going on right as the convoy was going past his car.

Guy's, they don't hide it anymore and that's because if they hide it, the seconded local police, steward's, mover's, highway control etc all start to "become suspicious" and that's when rumours start.

But, have it all hanging out, on display and nobody bat's an eyelid at it. It's because they're not playing to our innate curiosity by hiding it anymore. If it's on display, it's got no value! If it's on display, nobody can see it! It's hidden in plain sight. It's absolutely true, pyschology play's a huge part in this now.

Once upon a time at the beginning of moving top secret technology, aircraft's and the like. Especially during the cold war, because of satellites around the Earth operated by Russia if a container was being moved with a new experimental shape and it was more of a square shape, it would get put in a huge "round wooden box" but if it was more of a round shape, it'd be put in a "square box."

These where professional movers, genuinely thinking that they was being really sneaky, beating the Russian sattelites. Not knowing that because the Russians didn't really know what was in there, a desk in Ruski land full of photo's of these things, it made it redundant! It didn't matter, it didn't work and while it probably got someone a promotion in the end it was just stupid!

The full cold war was stupid!

Part of the military must be working on sophisticated technology, the types of next generation technology which would put the hair's on the back of your neck on end! Especially when there's talk of communication with a personalised Fighter Jet integrated with the pilot's thought's alone.

Like anything to do with devices and technology, updates, upgrades cannot stop! While it might look like technology development is moving at a snails pace, the future we all envisioned as a kid, it's on the way! We've created a monster, an unstoppable digital monster, a true force of new nature. It really is unstoppable.

While the secret element was definitely there, ie you'd be stopped or prevented from going near the Disk, stopped from taking a selfie (I dare think) it's still plausible deniability on the part of the Government. It's easier to say it's Hollywood props or just let the person looking at it, come to that conclusion on their own.

And a lot of people have done just that believe me. Hidden in plain sight, it's not new, it's not particularly clever but it's never "not once failed." It pretty much can't fail in terms of moving highly controversial stuff because it's put down to:

"no, it can't be... Can it"

But actually yes, in fact it can, and it's moved this way regularly. There's countless examples in fact I wrote about this exact same thing just yesterday believe it or not. Here's the link to that extraordinary video evidence which I wrote about it on my other website blog. A timeline of events stretching across the United States but...

Instead of it going across country and stopping in lay-bys, it was staying overnight at "military bases" that's the only one give away for these hidden in plain sight Aerial vehicles. They can't just leave a Disk in a lay-by with a trucker. So it does the unthinkable and shows it's true colours and hides away in a military base on the way to it's final destination.

Hidden in plain sight 101. They alway's mess up up somewhere along the way, literally.

It caused a lot of people to get in trouble for looking in the transport containers.

Rumours would start, people would know more about the secret, hidden away from prying eyes than they would about stuff out in the open. So, they (the military) started putting everything in the open. We see a lot of Disks on the back of low loaders, but nothing about them ever goes further than a few likes on social media. They're not even featured in TV shows now unlike the deliberately hidden Disks being transported.

It was a stroke of genius to start literally transporting them with minimum fuss, minimum distraction, nothing hidden getting people all curious. Genius.

So because I've known this for a while, I tend to pay attention to these hidden in plain sight craft's being exported.

Here's the fantastic video showing the low loader with the Flying Saucer (Disk) on it's bed:

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Credit: KB/Voodoo Queen And Woodman Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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