Video Of Blue Triangle Symbol UFO Sighting Over Camarillo California US

Some UFOs are definitely better than others and that's all because we can't help but put everything on a scale, it's innate, we all do it.

Blue triangle shape UFO sighting in a triangular symbol.

The symbol of the triangle, it could be 3 UFOs flying in formation or one UFO shaped like a triangle.

As an example, if we take a tiny white dot in the night sky that's moving around versus a silver Disk UFO that's flying over a built up area, during the day. There's literally no competition as to which one people would want to see more of.

Why is there a strange craft over California USA.

This blue triangle shape UFO, I believe it sits in-between the two different examples that I've just given. It's not a common aircraft that we see anywhere else in the world and it's definitely not used by airplane carrier's for commercial use. If it's not a genuine aircraft used by any recognised and legitimate aircraft carriers, then why is there a large flying object over Camarillo, CA USA... Maybe it is a drone that's just been flown by an amateur remote control enthusiast?

The secret to researching UFOs.

We're actually ruling out the possibilities until we're left with a possible answer. But starts to get very difficult as we aren't privy to classified programs or prototype's under research and development. So, it basically has to come down to common sense, researching known craft's that have been filmed before.

It comes down to what we publicly know, plus what is available too. Not everything can be researched because I personally can't research MUFON's vast archive of reported UFO sighting's.


Because we must pay to research their archives at MUFON. It's not free, if you report a UFO sighting to MUFON, you must then pay to go look at it later on. I don't agree with putting the volunteer's research behind a pay wall. Apparently the UFO researcher's at MUFON volunteer their services, but MUFON then turns around and charge's the public a subscription fee each month or yearly of 60 dollars which I refuse to pay!

I've just tried their website again to see if they've scrapped the fee's and yet again it's still the same, it's still pay for access to freely given people's UFO reports! Scandalous if you ask me. Scandalous!

The witness statement:

I have always been a skeptic but since this, I have been staring at the sky at night. At first it looked like a bright star in one spot a long time but I could tell it was something else. I started recording and I have previous video where it floats straight up in the air which obviously normal aircraft’s arnt able to do. I even called the non emergency line to report it and they tried telling me it was a drone which it didn’t seem to be. It was on Christmas at about 6 pm in Camarillo California (Ventura county SoCal). Glad you found this interesting as well! Thanks so much. M.S.

The 3 blue dots are arranged in a triangle symbol closely together and they're flying as one. They could be one craft or 3 different UFO Orbs that are grouped together? It's a strange one, could it be a drone possibly? I'd like to hear from you if you've seen anything like this one before.

Similarities between UFO sighting's.

One day historian's will be combing through these UFO sighting's looking for similarities between the one which proves Extraterrestrial life in the future, and with any UFO sighting's that happened in the past. Or in otherwords, possibly this one could be a similar match to "the one" which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Aliens exist in the future.

Because it will happen, I'll tell you why it will happen!

We've had UAP disclosure didn't we. The US Government has stated they're of unknown origins and they're not another countries advanced aerial technology. They're not man made, they're not another countries.

Where are UFOs from.

They stopped short of saying that they're from another planet, but they did paint themselves into a corner. Because the UAPs aren't from any known sources commercial or civilian, if we read between the lines it means that an intelligent being must have created these UAPs as they don't make themselves (or do they) which means that Aliens must exist because someone else had to of made or created the UAPs.


I know that one day in the future historian's will be pouring over the past UFO sighting's possibly this one and they'll be trying to figure out a timeline of events. It's what I and a lot of other UFO researcher's are doing right now so it stands to reason that people in the future will be all about establishing a timeline of events. It might be because they're trying to figure out how long they've actually been coming here (hi historian, I hope your well, we told you so). My conclusion is that this is definitely in the "possible" category.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of strange craft's operating in the atmosphere of the world:

3 blue UFOs in the shape of a triangle. The UFO Orbs are either flying together or it's just one UFO flying alone?

If you've got any thoughts on this, and if you'd like to share your thoughts then please leave your comments in the section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Eye Witness M.S./UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. The facts show these phenomena are varied shapes and sizes and perform many different maneuvers which are quite a bit different when compared to United States and United Kingdom type aircraft and their capabilities! We've seen huge UFO size craft like the one that visited Phoenix,AZ back on March 13, 1997 ! And well documented and eye-witnessed. Nowadays, we see reports of spherical orbs in triangular design or flying into a huge mother ship if you will. Then there are cigar shapes, disc shaped, various big V and jet styles. Why so many different shapes? Are they from different galaxies. Or are they domestic drones or Chinese spy craft just buzzing around spying on the world?? I abhor the thought of true aliens 👽 from distant galaxies ! The thought of them ever being hostile and with a horrifying objective in mind to take over our planet because theirs died and now they are shopping the galaxies planets to find the perfect home they seek. Earth is beautiful and has everything to offer minus the current climate problems of carbon dioxide, plastics toxic chemicals, varied viruses that are natural and the Chinese cooked up ones, drastic weather anomalies etc. These climate change pollutions and melting glaciers would be a deterrent to any beautiful home-seeking entity wishing for the perfect new home. I just want answers that are real and truthful. Regardless of what they are we earthlings must find a way to cope with them and either destroy them or learn to live biodiversified-wise if they are here to stay.

  2. I saw what I believe to be a UFO in 1972, directly above me, as I looked up and the sky was not to be seen just this grey object, completely silent, I can remember thinking that as I had been to air shows and see the Black Hawk and that made the ground shake with noise of its engines, but this was silent above me, there were no windows or lights on it. I looked down at my baby for a moment and looked back up again and I could see sky again, it had gone. The

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