Video Animation Of The Silver Cylindrical Object Looks Real

Video footage shows an animation of what could have possibly happened when the US Air Force jet came across the silver Cylindrical shape UFO?

I'm pretty sure that this is an animation of the cylindrical UFO and jet.

I think this is an animation of the UFO Cylinder and the US Jet, I mean nobody is that tall to film this right... The video is at the bottom of this post.

I'll admit that at first I thought it was real, until I literally gave my head a wobble and thought about rationally.

Like who's stood at 20 thousand feet taking the video, why is it so clear, it should be blurred at least because it's UFO related.

Quick, grab a potato and take a video is normally how UFO sighting's happen, lol.

So, we see that the cylinder shape UFO was shot down, is it a good thing that all these UFOs have been shot down? Is there a chance that they could have followed the UFOs to see where they went?

The Lake Huron UFO event actually saw the first missile totally miss. Apparently the pilot was still only halfway through his coffee?

The Sidewinder missile's cost $400,000 each! Seriously, that's a very good thing because if they was any cheaper they'd have shot 20 at it. At least if they're just shy of a half a million buck's each, the pilot's aren't going to be so quick to shoot them, in theory...

Bidens about to ask Congress for the biggest budget in history for the military! Here's a quick quote from Politico:

The Biden administration is preparing to ask Congress for the largest Pentagon budget in history, according to the Defense Department’s chief financial officer, as partisan squabbling over the debt ceiling raises the specter of deep cuts to the military’s funding plans.


A U.S. F-22 shot down the silver Cylindrical shaped UFO or object in Canadian territory (Yukon), using an AIM 9X missile following close co-ordination between U.S. and Canadian authorities," said the Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder.

There was even closures of airspace in Montana and jet's were scrambled to investigate the radar anomalies, which we didn't really get any information on this one as well...

The Chinese balloon:

The reason why, all these UFOs and Chinese balloons have been detected all of a sudden is because the US radar's have all just had an update! They can now, detect slow moving objects, smaller object's and it wouldn't surprise me if China's been exploiting this "lax in security for years" and that this shooting down of their balloon is a massive middle finger to China and the USA's way of telling them that we've closed you down!

They could have attached anything or aby kind of bomb to these slow moving balloons and they would have bypassed the radar's and not been picked up by the radar's whatsoever! Apparently, North American Air space is ironclad now. And rightly so, and that's probably the best thing Bidens Government has done.

No other President has ever presided over such a flaw in the mainland US defence and also fixed it! That's gotta be a good thing that Bidens done because not even the Trump administration detected it. Nobody in history even knew about defence flaw let alone shut it down! Has China been exploiting this loophole and for how long?

That's actually been a huge and I mean a huge blunder on the part of the USA. To not be able to detect slow moving objects because the radar's was only dialled in for fast moving object's (Lloyd Austin stated that). It beggar's belief that all parts of the spectrum wasn't covered. Beggars belief!

But, never to late I suppose? Thank god it's been fixed, definitely good stuff it's been fixed now.

Here's the animation:

Of course it's an animation, right? After watching it again, I don't know, it's got to be lol.

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Credit: Reuters/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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