The Chinese Balloon Being Shot Down Filmed From The Ground

A fantastic video showing the Chinese balloon being shot down over South Carolina USA by the US Air Force hopefully we get to see the video of it.

The video from the ground of the Chinese balloon being shot down.

Video from the ground of the Chinese balloon being shot down over South Carolina USA 2023.

I posted about a UFO sighting and the Chinese balloon being shot down, but I accidentally got them mixed up. At the bottom of this post I'll explain what happened. We don't normally get to see a military Jet firing a missile especially over the US mainland and that's probably not gonna happen again.

I'm glad that someone was observing the skies and caught this balloon getting "downed" on video. Did you know that it's actually only the military/Government who say's UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and they do that because of the stigma attached to the term (acronym) UFO. Which ironically it was them that actually created the stigma! The Chinese balloon was called a UAP until they got close to it.

They happened over the USA and Canada respectively, in order of sighting's; The second object after the 1st balloon was over Alaska and it was described as the size of a "small car." The third object over the Yukon was described as being "silver and cylindrical." And the fourth UFO sighting occured over Michigan, it was said to be "octagonal shaped" with strings attached to it.

Because of the relative nature of where they happened ie Alaska and the Yukon, it was unlikely that anyone was around to film it. The Lake Huron UFO incident, you never know we still might have someone share a video that they took?

Believe it or not, I've looked this up and no matter what keyword combination I tried, I couldn't get anything whatsoever on this! But you'd think that they are recorded for many different reasons. Especially when they're on a live mission and more so if they actually fire a missile. Hopefully we should be seeing a video very soon being released, unless it's actively been covered up.

It's a real shame that all it's taken for them to accept it! They should have stuck with the term UFO instead of calling it something else, they could have done it a long time ago. The term UFO won't ever be stopped or lose all it's history and identity because it's cemented into people's lives! Was that an attempt at eradicating the term UFO?

It sounds like the Government means this:

"We will only accept it (UFOs) on the condition and bases that we can change the name?" Oh, and even though we've "accepted it" we will still act just like before where we acted cagey, distant and we will continue to act like we're hiding something.

That's exactly how I feel since the whole process of UAP disclosure has gone since 2017 till today!

Why do we have plenty of videos of the Chinese balloon and the debris, but conveniently nothing on the 3 UFOs?

Show us the videos from the 3 UFOs shot down over the USA/Canada in 2023. I have a sneaking suspicion that we're still going to be asking for the videos to be realised in 2024, 25, 26 and beyond! I feel this way because they haven't released the videos when they really could do so.

I'm just been protective of the UFO genre. I've lived and breathed Ufology (in my own way) because there's no set way as it's all self taught. Even for the top UFO researcher's, there's no school and by it's very nature, it'd be the last place any real UFO enthusiast would want to go!

I imagine that it would feel like "the man" is taking over and steering it deliberately in a certain direction? Or at the least down a very specific route as any and all teaching institutions have to abide by a curriculum. An approved curriculum. And it must be certified. I'm going off track again, lol.

What do we know so far;

The balloon shot down over South Carolina was described by officials as the size of three buses. The second object, over Alaska, was described as the size of a "small car." The third object, over the Yukon, was "silver and cylindrical." And the fourth bizarre object sighted over Lake Huron in Michigan, was said to be "octagonal" with actual strings attached to it.

Here's the awesome video:

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I've just had to update this post with new information, 5:04pm London UK time. I actually got mixed up with posting about a UFO sighting, my bad. This is what happens when a lot of people send UFO sighting's in all at once!

Seriously, I've been inundated with a lot and I mean a lot of UFO sighting's, it tells me that we're not seeing this thing stop just yet, there's more UFOs out there, because people are filming them. So I apologize for getting the 2 post's mixed up. It was a Chinese balloon video post and a UFO that was shaped like a Tic Tac. I'll be posting about that asap. Probably tomorrow now.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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