Unusual UFO Shape Over Dominican Republic 12th Feb 2023

I've just been sent this great UFO sighting, the person taking the video say's it happened at the same time as the UFOs that have been taken down.

Star Trek insignia shape UFO over Dominican Republic.

A closer look at the strange shape UFO over Dominican Republic.

Star Trek insignia shape UFO was spotted over the Dominican Republic.

It was filmed over San Francisco de Macoris 31000, Dominican Republic and not the San Francisco in the USA.

There's a strange look to this UFO that gives it a Star Trek insignia look to it. It's the Dominican Republic so I genuinely don't think it's a rocket launch and besides rocket's that are launched fly upwards.

Missile's on the other hand, they fly across the sky, but again this is the Dominican Republic so what's the chances of that? Pretty slim if you ask me.

If it's a meteorite then I'm sure that meteorologists would definitely want to see this because it's got to be a unique meteorite sighting? Is it a Meteorite or a shooting star? What's the difference between them both? They're probably both the same lol.

It was sent to me on the 12th which was a Sunday and the witness said it happened at 2am. Actually getting through all the UFO sighting's that people are sending has been a chore, but we'll worth it.

Here's the video:

The video is straight up bizarre looking.

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Credit: Arioldys Sanchez Suriel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Same happened this past Monday night over Las Terrenas, Samana. It was exactly the same object like in your picture. What could it be?

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