The Petrosavodsk UFO Phenomenon Of 1977 Over Russia

This is a truly strange piece of Russian history, it's bringing up similarities of recent UFO sighting's with "tentacles hanging from it."

The actual photocopy of the original photo Petrozavodsk, Russia 1977.

Above is a photocopy of the original UFO photo that happened over Petrozavodsk in Russia in 1977.

The Russian UFO photograph which happened in the mid to late 70's is the most extraordinary looking object that I think I've ever seen.

I mean look at it, it wouldn't look out of place in an aquarium or the ocean, so why's it flying around the atmosphere? This is such a great job for me, writing about UFOs is a huge privilege for me because I am aware of the responsibility to bring the most accurate information.

The UFO sighting over Petrozavodskwhich was widely reported 20th September 1977.

Another example of what was seen by witnesses over Petrozavodskwhich, Russia. The actual place is; Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia.

The UFO sighting occurs, I cover it, add the video or the photo and the witness statement if it exists. But then the privilege part comes into play. I get to add my own personal opinions on this UFO sighting.

The responsibility is to bring you the information no matter what, if it's a UFO Orb, a white dot in the sky moving slowly or fast? Big or small, the UFO sighting trump's my own misgivings about sharing a small UFO Orb.

These are the least engaged types of UFOs believe it or not? Nobody stops by to check them out, they don't get a look in in terms with engaging the public. They're just not as exciting as a larger more detailed UFO.

But, these UFO Orbs are the most abundant, I just wanted to let you all know that UFO Orb sighting's are on the rise.

Anyways, the UFO sighting over Russia was actually seen from Copenhagen and Helsinki, all the way to Vladivostok. Wikipedia has a quick quote:

It is named after the city of Petrozavodsk in Russia, Soviet Union, where a glowing object was widely reported that showered the city with numerous rays. At 3:30 am a flying object, surrounded by a luminous coat, was reportedly seen by the crew of the Soviet fishing vessel Primorsk, which was departing from the Primorsk harbour. The object appeared to move noiselessly from the east, and near Primorsk it abruptly changed its direction to north.


It's like wow, there's a definite mirror image going on here as far as a lot of people thinking that an Alien invasion is underway which it's not. It's a strange string of event's I'll grant you that but if it was an Alien invasion, c'mon guy's we'd definitely know already wouldn't we...

By the way these UFOs are unmanned.

Here's another piece of information vital to this 1977 Russian UFO sighting.

Valentin Golts, active member of the Soviet Geographical Society, he actually collected the many different testimonies of witnesses after the incidence. He was undertaking a scary assignment especially when editor's and people were being sacked and targeted by the Russian authorities! He was able to get the following stories:

People tried to contact the UFO, but got no response, and the plane had to make a risky maneuver to avoid a collision! It was a spherical object estimated at around 19 meters in diameter. It also landed on a hill along the road which actually connected Petrozavodsk and Leningrad.

It simply disappeared from the sight of witnesses. AP Novozhilov, an engineer who was in the village of Kurki-Yoki, on the shores of Lake Ladoga, saw a bright sphere coming out of the UFO.

Also a guy called Y Linnik a writer and scientist was looking through a telescope on the exact same day which was the 20th September 1977. He saw a UFO with exhaust fans, points which is what he actually wrote. Apparently the light beams was bent so it looked like tentacles to him. It hovered for a few minutes and then I'd disappeared over the horizon which is what he wrote. Check out this link for more in depth information on this.


So, it was a very strange anomaly and an even stranger time afterwards.

Here's the Tweet which was shared to Twitter by UFOB we're not alone:

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Credit: UFOB we're not alone/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I think it could be a high energy electroball. It is explained here:
    It is made by a mass of air very charged with electricity surrounded by another layer with the opposite charge. The electric charge in these extreme cases use to come from auroras.
    The violet glow is the electric discharge between both layers.
    They use to be spheric but if they are very big they can be irregular or elipsoidal.
    The tentacles could be leaks of air from the core going to the ground. When they pass through the external layer they repel one to each other because they have the same charge.
    They glow by the contact with the external layer because it has the opposite electric charge.
    If the external layer has a very high electric charge it could glow in contact with the air around like in this case.
    If the leak goes away of both layers it looks often as a glowing tentacle.
    This is a image with 5 pics of an electroball changing shape with a "tentacle" in one of them.

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